Title Lists

Title Lists

e-Collection Title Lists by Country

China (more info)
Afghanistan (more info)
  • (DA-ASC) Afghan Serials Collection. Partisan Publications from The Wahdat Library (title list)
Iran (more info)
  • (UDB-CMESS) Iranian Strategic Studies (title list)
World News Connection (more info)
Russia (more info)
  • (UDB-COM) Russian Central Newspapers (78 titles)
  • (UDB-EDU) Social Sciences & Humanities Journals (100 titles)
  • (UDB-REG) Russian Regional Newspapers (130 titles)
  • (UDB-STM) Russian Academy of Sciences: STM Journals (125 titles)
  • (UDB-GOV) Governmental Publications (42 titles)
  • (UDB-LIB) Library and Information Sciences (28 titles)
  • (UDB-MED) Medicine and Public Health (56 titles)
  • (UDB-MIL) Military & Security Periodicals (78 titles)
  • (UDB-MGU) Moscow University Press (28 titles)
  • (UDB-SPU) St. Petersburg University Press (17 series)
  • (UDB-NCA) Newspapers of the North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia (20 titles)
  • (UDB-ISL) Russian Islamic Studies (10 titles)
  • (UDB-NEWS) Russian/NIS Newswires (10 titles)
  • (UDB-STAT-RUS) Russian Statistical Publications (116 titles)
  • (UDB-ECON) Russian Economics and Finance (20 titles)
  • (UDB-BIB-Russia) Russian National Bibliography (8 titles)
Ukraine (more info)
  • (UDB-UKR) Ukrainian Publications (45 titles)
  • (DA-DNR) Donetsk and Luhansk Newspaper Collection (10 titles)
  • (UDB-STAT-UKR) Statistical Publications of Ukraine (90 titles)
Other Post-Soviet Countries (more info)
  • (UDB-CAC) Publications from Central Asia and the Caucasus (40 titles)
  • (UDB-EUR) Publications from Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, and Ukraine (23 titles)
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eBook Title Lists

eBook Title Lists

China (more info)
Cambridge Archive Editions Online (more info)
  • Cambridge Archive Editions Online title list (title list)
Slavic eBooks (more info)
In Arabic
  • (EB-KAEL) Kotobarabia E-Library (3,775 titles)
  • (EB-KAMAR) Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance (2,624 titles)
  • (EB-KALHP) Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians, and Philosophers (4,918 titles)

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