Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu Digital Archive

Official publication of the office of Taiwan’s Governor-General during Japanese colonial occupation

Japanese colonization of Taiwan began in 1895, with Japan establishing the Sōtokufu, or Office of the Governor-General, shortly thereafter. The Office of the Governor-General wielded supreme authority over military and civilian affairs until the end of Japanese colonial rule in October 1945. The Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu (台灣總督府府報資料庫) was the official gazette of the Office of the Governor-General, in which laws and decrees were published during the 50-year Japanese colonial occupation of Taiwan. Material in the database covers the period of 1896-1945, including the Meiji, Taishō and Shōwa eras. The Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu is an important source for understanding the mechanics of government and law, business, and the military under colonial rule, and illuminates the workings of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Taiwanese government throughout the period.

Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1896-1945
  • Language: Japanese and Traditional Chinese; Traditional Chinese interface
  • Format: Full image with searchable text
  • Producer: TBMC
  • Platform: TBMC

About the Archive

The Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu Digital Archive is hosted by Transmission Books & Microinfo Co., Ltd. (TBMC), a well-known online content producer from Taiwan. The Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu database presents a comprehensive run of this publication that is essential for the study of Taiwan in the Japanese colonial period. The database allows researchers to easily search for a specific decree and features robust full-text searching capabilities, including tabs displaying results by period (Meiji, Taishō and Shōwa).

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