Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō Digital Archive

The longest running and most widely circulated newspaper in Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonialism

Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō (臺灣日日新報, Taiwan Daily News) was an official newspaper of the Taiwanese government under Japanese colonial rule. First published in 1898, the newspaper chronicled events during a period of particularly dynamic changes in legislation, social hierarchy, and politics. Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō covered Taiwan’s domestic affairs, international relations, the integration of agriculture and the economy, and arts and literature. The publication was an authoritative and highly regarded newspaper, with contributions from many outstanding Taiwanese and Japanese writers, such as Lian Heng (連橫). Starting in 1901, Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō added two Chinese-language pages to the original Japanese-language publication. In 1905 a separate and fully Chinese-language edition was launched but lasted only six years. When the Chinese-language edition ceased publication in 1911, Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō resumed publishing two pages of Chinese-language content until 1937, when all Chinese-language content was discontinued from the publication.

Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1896-1944
  • Language: Japanese, traditional Chinese, and some English
  • Frequency: Daily
  • City: Taipei
  • Format: Full image and full text
  • Producer: TBMC
  • Platform: TBMC

An indispensable resource for researchers of Taiwanese history

The Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō digital archive is hosted by Transmission Books & Microinfo Co., Ltd. (TBMC), a well-known online content producer from Taiwan. TBMC collaborated with The National Taiwan University Library to preserve this valuable resource and produce a full-image/full-text database comprising more than 30 million characters and 100,000 pages of content. The Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō database presents a comprehensive run of this publication that is essential for the study of Taiwan in the Japanese colonial period, including its sibling publications: the short-lived Chinese-language edition Kanbun Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō (漢文日日新報, 1905-1911) and its predecessor, Taiwan Shinpō (臺灣新報, 1896-1897). In addition, each headline has been indexed (over 3 million total).

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