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East View is a leading supplier of books, atlases, conference proceedings, book series, DVDs and other materials from all countries of Eastern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and East Asia. Academic or popular, major or minority languages, whatever subject you may need—East View can help.

East View provides the following books services to our customers:

Approval Plans

Managed by trained staff with language and subject expertise, East View offers customized approval plan services to save you time and effort. P+E and E approval plans are also available for certain languages. Learn more

Standing Orders

East View provides fast, reliable standing order services for book series, conference proceedings, irregulars, annuals and yearbooks. Publishers in the countries of our expertise can be hard to reach, they often do not ship these types of publications outside of their countries, and materials may be published very irregularly. Let us help save you time and prevent gaps in your collection by setting up standing orders with our procurement experts. Orders are accepted for current and future publications as well as for back volumes. Because of their irregular nature, standing order titles remain on order until cancelled and are not included in the annual renewal process for subscriptions. All materials sent as standing orders are checked against your firm order or approval plan services. Annual reports on the status of your standing orders with East View can be provided upon request.

Firm Orders

Finding special titles, including out-of-print or rare books, is an East View strength. Place your firm order through our user-friendly interface at, via email at [email protected] or by phone to 952-252-1201. Our website will indicate whether a book, DVD or atlas is in stock. Please note that “in stock” can reference any of our main offices—Moscow (Russia), Kyiv (Ukraine), Brno (Czech Republic) or Minneapolis (USA). Items not currently in stock but available to order will also be fulfilled from one of our main offices. Should you need to double-check stock or wish to know which office will be responsible for sending a particular title, or if you need a book that is not currently listed on our website, email [email protected] with your questions. We’ll do everything possible to find your book—but, in the event an ordered title has become out of print, you will receive an email notification suggesting alternate formats (if available) or a request to cancel the order.

New Book Notifications

EVMail is East View’s free regular notification service of new books by subject or publication region. Sign up by entering your email address and areas of interest on our EVMail page, and East View will send you customized information and timely alerts of new books in your field of interest. If you need a one-time specialized list of titles (for example literary award winners and nominees from Poland; Russian minority language titles; all possible language translations of a certain book; all scientific atlases published anywhere in the world in the last two years), please email your parameters to [email protected]. We would be glad to create a customized list just for your particular needs.

Shelf-Ready Services

East View offers a shelf-ready book program that allows libraries to get their materials to users faster while saving time and reducing technical services costs. Learn more

Returns and Cancellations

East View does not accept returns on physically processed materials, firm orders or standing order issues which have already shipped out unless an item is received in damaged condition, or the wrong item is received. Returns on approval plan orders must be received within 90 days of the invoice date to be credited to your account. If you would like to cancel an order that has not yet shipped, simply contact [email protected] about the item you wish to cancel. If credit card payment was provided along with the order, refunds should not be necessary since we do not charge the card until items are shipped.

All returns should be shipped to our US office at:

East View Information Services
Attn: Operations Department
10601 Wayzata Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55305

East View welcomes any questions regarding our monograph services via email to [email protected], phone to 952-252-1201 or simply search for the title at our website

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