Library Services

Library Services
Shelf-Ready Program


East View has designed its shelf-ready journal program to solve common issues while reducing technical processing costs. East View offers libraries quality journal and periodical binding services as a value-added option with our print or online subscriptions. This unique service offers libraries the complete bound version of periodicals after last issue is published. This service is particularly useful for online subscriptions where a paper copy is also desired. Patrons can have online access to publications during the year, while libraries have the complete bound version in paper at year’s end to ensure preservation. Prices depend on periodicity, please inquire for details.

East View offers several options, including:

  • Call numbers
  • Numerous color and material options
  • Security strips

Cut your technical processing costs and order now by contacting East View at


East View also offers a shelf-ready book program. Contact us for more information at


MARC Records

East View offers brief MARC records in RDA free of charge for approval plan customers. Bibliographic records are supplied weekly via e-mail or ftp and may contain embedded order numbers, fund and location codes and invoice data. Full RDA records for maps and atlases are also available for an additional fee.


Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Electronic data interchange (EDI) in EDIFACT or X12 compatible with major Integrated Library Systems is available at no charge for purchase orders and invoicing.

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