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East View’s book and monograph offerings are drawn primarily from Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe and the former USSR. We are the largest exporter of professional and scientific book publications from Russia. Recently we have expanded into the distribution of eBooks and printed matter from China, the Middle East, and elsewhere.

Books & eBooks

Make East View your primary source for books from China, Russia, other countries formerly part of the Soviet Union (FSU), and countries of Eastern Europe. Our staff specialists are familiar with the bibliographic data and markets and will help you acquire virtually any book. Finding special titles, including out-of-print or rare books, is an East View strength.

Approval Plans: Saving Libraries Precious Time

Our approval plan specialists will prepare custom profiles for your library’s programs. This allows you to fulfill your acquisitions effortlessly. Return rates of less than 3% indicate our client libraries’ high satisfaction. East View offers descriptive MARC records free with approval plans. You can also register online for new title alerts and will then be notified by email when new books in your interest profile are available.

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Our experienced book and journal publishing translators deliver accurate, high-quality translation services for books and journal articles in numerous languages