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East View has assembled a selection of eBooks on hundreds of topics from premier scholarly publishers in Russia, Ukraine, and more. East View eBooks are accessible via East View’s familiar and easy-to-use Universal Database™ (UDB) platform, allowing users to search within individual works, whole collections, and cross-search between collections.

Start building your eBook collection with academic content from the premier scholarly publishers in Russia and Ukraine.

  • Choose publisher sets or single titles
  • One-time fee and perpetual access (the Ownership Model)
  • Unlimited institutional access
  • COUNTER-compliant usage statistics
  • Brief MARC records at no charge
  • Cross-searchable with your other East View resources

Approval Plans

Consider starting an eBook approval plan with East View. Our eBook approval plan offers the same customized and precise service as print approval plans, but with the ease of online access.

Featured Collections

  • Titles from Russia (title list)
  • Crimea: Demography and Economy, 2009 (title list)
  • Dostoevskii Research Series (title list)
  • Early Soviet Cinema (title list)
  • Essential Russian Classics (title list)
  • Russian Anti-Religious Books After the Revolution (title list)
  • Titles from Ukraine, Belarus and Moldova (title list)
  • Titles from the United States and United Kingdom (covering Slavica and Judaica) (title list)

Types of eBooks

  • Atlases
  • Statistics
  • Russian Classics
  • Modern, Popular Fiction
  • Scholarly

Featured Publishers

Academic Studies Press Novoe Izdatel’stvo
Ad Marginem Press Novyi Khronograf
AIRO-XXI Pashkov Dom (Russian State Library)
Aleteia Progress-traditsiia
Azbuka-Attikus Prometei
Dom Evreiskoi Knigi RGGU
Evropa Rossiiskii Institut Strategicheskikh Issledovanii
Iazyki Slavianskikh Kul’tur ROSSPEN (Rossiiskaia Politicheskaia Entsiklopediia)
Institut Gaidara Russian State Historical Library
Internatsional’nyi Soiuz Pisatelei SOVA
Izdatel’stvo Universiteta Dmitriia Pozharskogo S-Petersburg University
Knizhnyi Mir Ves’ Mir
Limbus Press VOENIZDAT
Medina Vozvrashchenie
Mezhdunarodnye Otnosheniia Vremia
Mosty Kul’tury Vysshaia Shkola Ekonomiki
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East View’s Universal Database™ Platform

As the largest provider of authoritative information on Russia and the former Soviet Union, East View offers an innovative approach to electronic research. We maintain redundant hosted environments for this content in Minneapolis and Moscow on our Universal Database™ platform (UDB).

Customize and Optimize Your Library
  • Build collections from individual online titles
  • Link options for Online Public Access
  • IP/password access to standard or custom collections
  • Stable URLs for linking on a database level or on individual title and article levels
  • Mirror servers in U.S. and Russia
  • Usage reports in COUNTER format
Increase Your Efficiency
  • Interface functions are optimized for specific content types
  • Browse by specific title and issue
  • Mobile friendly access
  • Easily exportable citations
  • Transliteration, Russian, Ukrainian or English language searches
  • Virtual Russian and Ukrainian keyboard displays available for ease of input

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