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East View Information Services supports academic research in libraries worldwide.

We distribute a wide range of digital archives and collections to the library market bringing new revenue streams to publishers. We specialize in multiple languages, with deep experience developing archives in Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Japanese, and many more languages. Our portfolio spans tens of thousands of titles from 125 countries and over 30 languages.

East View has a long history of providing critical digital resources to the academic community. Whether the content was born digital or digitized by East View, we provide the tools for researchers to search and browse digital content easily and intuitively. Our digital resources cover a multiple of content types, including:

  • Daily newspapers
  • Academic journals
  • Dissertations
  • Government Documents
  • E-books
  • Census and statistical data
  • Conference proceedings
  • Election ephemera
  • Historic archives
  • Research collections
  • Bibliographic data

Learn how East View can help bring your content to a global audience of academic researchers, faculty, and students.

Who Is the Audience?

We primarily serve academic libraries, national libraries, and similar institutions. This is highly differentiated from the traditional B-to-B or B-to-C markets and generates considerable revenue for our partners and new reach. Our databases are used by hundreds of leading libraries, in the United States, China, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Australia, across the Middle East, and elsewhere.

How Do We Protect Content?

East View’s platform protects publisher content on several levels. Users are governed by licenses that restrict use to non-commercial, academic purposes, and the platform blocks unauthorized use. Publishers’ content is digitally watermarked, and customers and publishers alike can monitor the usage of the content. We are proud of our enviable record of defending publishers’ interests while providing meaningful access for research.

What Is My Revenue Potential?

Library market revenue can be considerable. In the case of newspapers and academic journals, we monetize your entire archive, not just a current-year subscription. Most importantly, East View’s sales to the global library market do not detract from your existing revenue from individual consumers, print subscriptions, article sales, or other forms of B-to-B revenue. Let us generate a new revenue source for your content while increasing your content’s use and visibility at the world’s most important universities.

How Does it Work?

East View is ready to work with you to generate revenue for your content from the global library market.

  • If you already have a digital archive—we can extend your sales and provide local support tailored to the special needs of library customers.
  • If you do not have a digital archive or it is incomplete—East View can build or complete your archive, back to the very first issue, if applicable. We specialize in creating complete archives and collections, with quality imaging and machine-searchable text for all content.

In either case, East View requires very little from partner publishers. We bring your digital content to library users—safely, using best-in-class platforms, and generating unprecedented visibility, use, and revenue from a new market.

Why Choose East View?

East View is a leader in the sales and marketing of digital archives and collections to libraries. We are proud of the balanced and diverse portfolio of partner publishers we represent. Our mission is to provide researchers access to premium academic content without regard to language or other barriers. Our solutions foster global understanding, better research, and economic benefit for our partners. For instance, our Global Press Archive® (GPA) program features some of the world’s most important newspapers, and offers publishers exposure to a wide audience of libraries, scholars and researchers.

How Do I Begin?

Whether you already have an archive or collection, or need a partner to build one, we look forward to exploring the possibilities with you. Simply fill out the form below or contact us at

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