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Émigré Collections (more info)

Novoe russkoe slovo Digital Archive: GPA platform | UDB platform
Nowy Dziennik Digital Archive
The Rafu Shimpo Digital Archive
V Novom Svete Digital Archive: GPA platformUDB platform
Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu Digital Archive: GPA platform | UDB platform

Russia (more info)

Slavic and Judaica E-Books
Demography and Economy Series
Dostoevskii Research Series
Early Soviet Cinema Collection
East View Press E-Books
Essential Russian Classics
Soviet Anti-Religious Propaganda
Sbornik Boevykh Dokumentov VOV
Soviet Military Dissertations

Individual titles
Ab Imperio

Current Affairs
East View Press Journals (in English) (UDB-EVP)
Interfax Newswires (UDB-IFX)
Russian Central Newspapers (UDB-COM)
Russian/NIS Newswires (UDB-NEWS)
Russian Regional Newspapers (UDB-REG)

Academic and Specialized Databases
ArcheoBiblioBase (Open Access)
Economics and Finance Periodicals (UDB-ECON)
Government Publications (UDB-GOV)
Higher School of Economics Academic Journals (UDB-HSE)
Islamic Studies (UDB-ISL)
Judaica Digital Collections (EB-JDC)
KODEKS: Russian Legislation
Library and Information Sciences Journals (UDB-LIB)
Medicine and Public Health Journals (UDB-MED)
Military and Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL)
Moscow University Press (UDB-MGU)
Russian Academy of Sciences Databases: STM Journals (UDB-STM)
Russian Institute of Social Sciences Publications (UDB-INION)
Russian Legal and Governance Journals (UDB-LAW-RUS)
Russian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB)
Russian Radio Engineering Journals (UDB-RAD)
Russian Social Sciences and Humanities Periodicals (UDB-EDU)
Russian University Press Social Sciences Journals (UDB-RUNI)
Soviet Military Posters (EP-POST)
St. Petersburg University Press (UDB-SPU)
Stalin Digital Archive (SDA)
World Arms Trade Database (UDB-ARMS)

Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera
Russia in Transition, 1990’s
Soviet Coup Attempt, 1991
Russia Government Referendum, 1993
Russia’s Constitutional Crisis, 1993
Russia State Duma Election 1993
Russia State Duma Election 1999
Russia State Duma Election 2007
Russia Presidential Election, 2008
Russia State Duma Election 2011
Russia Presidential Election, 2012
Russia State Duma Election 2016
Russia Presidential Election, 2018
All-Russia Vote on the Constitution, 2020

Census and Statistical Publications
Russia/NIS Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT-RUS)
All-Russia Population Census 2002 (UDB-CENSUS)

Digital Archives: Journals
30 dnei
Eksport Vooruzhenii
Far Eastern Affairs
Geography, Environment, Sustainability
Illiustrirovannaia Rossiia
International Affairs: Complete Collection
Iskusstvo kino
Izvestiia RAN. Seriia Literatury i Iazyka
Kino-zhurnal A.R.K.
Knizhnaia letopis’
Krasnyi arkhiv
Moscow Defense Brief
Muslims of the Soviet East
Nash Sovremennik
Ogonek (St. Petersburg)
Problemy Kitaia
Russkaia literatura
Russkii arkhiv
Social Sciences
Sovetskii Ekran
Sovetskoe Zdravookhranenie (Open Access)
Soviet Woman
Starye gody
Vestnik Evropy
Voprosy istorii
Voprosy literatury
Warsaw Pact Journal

Digital Archives: Newspapers
Argumenty i fakty: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
The Current Digest of the Russian Press: UDB Platform
Gudok: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Imperial Russian Newspapers (Open Access): GPA Platform
Izvestiia: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Kavkaz: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Kommersant: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Krasnaia Zvezda: GPA Platform
Leningradskaia Pravda: GPA Platform
Literaturnaia gazeta: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Moscow News: GPA Platform | UDB platform
Nedelia: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Novaia gazeta: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Novoe russkoe slovo: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Poliarnaia kochegarka: UDB Platform
Post-Perestroika Newspapers: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Pravda: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Rossiiskaia gazeta: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Sovetskaia kul’tura: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Trud:  GPA platform | UDB Platform
Za vozvrashchenie na Rodinu: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Zavtra: GPA platform | UDB Platform

Public Libraries
English News from Russia
Russian Cultural Journals
Russian Leading Newspapers


Ukraine (more info)

Slavic and Judaica E-Books
Demography and Economy Series
Ukraine Between the Wars

Current Affairs
Periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (UDB-EUR)
Ukrainian Newspapers for Public Libraries
Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR)

Academic and Specialized Databases
The Chernobyl Collection. Documents and Maps
Judaica Digital Collections (EB-JDC)
Ukrainian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB-UKR)

Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera
Crimea Elections, 1994
Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2012
Euromaidan Protests in Ukraine, 2013-2014
Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2014
Ukraine Presidential Election, 2014
Ukraine Parliamentary Election, 2019
Ukraine Presidential Election, 2019

Census and Statistical Publications
Ukrainian Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT-UKR)

Digital Archives: Newspapers
Chernobyl Newspapers Collection: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Demokratychna Ukraina: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Donetsk and Luhansk Newspaper Collection: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Eastern Ukraine Newspaper Collection: UDB Platform
Holos Ukrainy: GPA platform | UDB platform
Local and Independent Ukrainian Newspapers: GPA Platform
Narodna Armiia: GPA platform | UDB Platform
Narodna Hazeta: GPA platform | UDB Platform
Nezavisimost’: GPA platform | UDB Platform
Pravda Ukrainy: GPA platform | UDB Platform
Soviet-Era Ukrainian Newspapers: GPA platform
Za Vil’nu Ukrainy: GPA platform | UDB Platform

Belarus (more info)

Current Affairs
Periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (UDB-EUR)

Academic and Specialized Databases
Belarusian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB-BEL)

Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera
Belarus Presidential Election, 2010
Belarus Parliamentary Election, 2012
Belarus Presidential Election, 2015
Belarus Parliamentary Election, 2016
Belarus Parliamentary Election, 2019
Belarus Presidential Election, 2020
Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance Leaflets, 1942-1944

Digital Archives: Newspapers
Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance Press, 1942-1945: GPA Platform | UDB Platform

Baltics (more info)

Current Affairs
Periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (UDB-EUR)

Digital Archives
Estoniia: GPA Platform | UDB Platform

Census and Statistical Publications
CIS Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT)

Hungary (more info)

Arcanum Digitheca

Moldova (more info)

Current Affairs
Periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (UDB-EUR)

Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera
Moldova Presidential Election, 2020

Eastern Europe (more info)

Eastern European LGBTQ Collection

Serbia (more info)


Germany (more info)

Digital Archives: Newspapers
Neues Deutschland

Caucasus (more info)

Current Affairs
Newspapers of the North Caucasus, Abkhazia and South Ossetia (UDB-NCA)
Periodicals of Central Asia and the Caucasus (UDB-CAC)

Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera
Abkhazia Parliamentary Election, 2017
Armenia Parliamentary Election, 2012
Armenia Presidential Election, 2013
Armenia Parliamentary Election, 2017
Armenia Velvet Revolution, 2018
Azerbaijan Presidential Election, 2018
Georgia Parliamentary Election, 2012
Georgia Presidential Election, 2013
Georgia Parliamentary Election, 2016
Georgia Presidential Election, 2018
South Ossetia Presidential Election, 2011-2012

Census and Statistical Publications
CIS Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT)

Central Asia (more info)

Current Affairs
Periodicals of Central Asia and the Caucasus (UDB-CAC)

Social Movements, Elections, Ephemera
Kyrgyzstan Parliamentary Election, 2015
Kyrgyzstan Presidential Election, 2017
Tajikistan Parliamentary Election 2015

Census and Statistical Publications
CIS Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT)

Digital Archives: Newspapers
Slovo Kyrgyzstana: GPA Platform | UDB Platform
Turkmenskaia Iskra: GPA Platform | UDB Platform

China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong (more info)

China Research Gateway (CRG)

China Academic Journals (CAJ)
Century Journals Project (CJP)
The Continent Magazine Digital Archive
The Eastern Miscellany
Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan
Lionart Digital Archive
Modern China Full-Text Database
National Palace Museum Journals Archive
Sinica Sinoweb from Academia Sinica
Taiwan Epochal Democracy Magazines
Taiwan Journals Search
Zhuanji Wenxue

China Core Newspapers (CCND)
Communiqué of the Taiwan Sōtokufu Digital Archive
The Current Digest of the Chinese Press Digital Archive
Guangming Ribao Digital Archive
Independence Evening Post Digital Archive
Jiefangjun Bao (PLA Daily) Digital Archive
Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers (Open Access)
Renjian Fukan Digital Archive
Renmin Ribao Digital Archive
Shen Bao Digital Archive
Taiwan Nichinichi Shinpō Digital Archive

China Art Digital Library (CADT)
China Conference Proceedings (CPCD-CPFD)
China Doctoral Dissertations (CDMD-CDFD)
China Legal Knowledge (CLKD)
China Master’s Theses (CDMD-CMFD)
China Monographic Serials (CMSD)
China Reference Works (CRWO)
China Statistical Yearbooks (CSYD)
China Yearbooks (CYFD)
East View Archive Editions: South China Sea Island Disputes: 1877–1988
International Conference Proceedings (CPCD-IFPD)

Classics and Area Studies
China Comprehensive Gazetteers
Chinese Calligraphy and Inscription Collection
Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China
The Encyclopedia of Taiwan
The Rekidai Hōan
Siku Quanshu—download the browser from “Client Program (with English user interface)”
Taiwan Photo Gallery/GIS Database
Taiwanese Classic Poetry Collection
Zhang Letian Fieldwork Database

Law and Regulations

Census and Statistical Publications
National Population Census of China Database (NPCC)

China Economy, Public Policy, Security Database (EB-PISHU)
China Social Science Monographs (EB-CSSM)
Chinese Social Science Library (CSSL)
CNKI Academic E-Books

Japan (more info)

Japan Illustrated Digital Archive
The Japan News Digital Archive
The Japan Times Digital Archive
Mainichi Shimbun Online Database “Maisaku”

Business and Economics

South & Southeast Asia

South Asian Newspapers (Open Access)
Southeast Asian Newspapers (Open Access)

Latin America (more info)

El Caribe Digital Archive
El Comercio Digital Archive
El Mundo Digital Archive (Open Access)
Independent and Revolutionary Mexican Newspapers (Open Access)
Prensa Libre Digital Archive

North America (more info)

Outdoor News Digital Archive

Africa (more info)

Daily Observer (Liberia) Digital Archive (Open Access)
Die Transvaler Digital Archive
East African Newspapers

Middle East & North Africa (more info)

Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers (Open Access)

Afghanistan (more info)

Afghan Central Press
Afghan Serials Collection. Partisan Publications from The Wahdat Library (DA-ASC)

Egypt (more info)

Al-Ahram Digital Archive
East View Archive Editions: Egypt and the Rise of Nationalism: 1840–1927

Iran (more info)

Iranian Strategic Studies Journals (UDB-CMESS)

Iraq (more info)

Baghdad Observer Digital Archive

Israel (more info)

Index to Hebrew Periodicals

Turkey (more info)

Cumhuriyet Digital Archive

In Arabic

Kotobarabia E-Library
Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance
Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians, Philosophers

International, in English

East View Archive Editions
Publishers Weekly Digital Archive
World News Connection Archive

Global Census Archive

Global Census Archive

East View Geospatial Resources

Terrain Analysis Series
Terrain Analysis of Afghanistan
Terrain Analysis of Ukraine
Terrain Analysis of Syria and Lebanon

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