Siku Quanshu Online

Three thousand years of Chinese civilization

East View is proud to offer the Siku Quanshu Electronic Version 3.0 (Wenyuange Edition) from Digital Heritage Publishing Ltd. Compiled by edict of Emperor Qianlong, the Siku Quanshu (四库全书) is undisputed as the largest single assembly of Chinese classical works in the world. The Siku Quanshu (“Complete Library of Four Treasures”) is a compendium of 3,000 years of Chinese knowledge, including literature, history, medicine, science and technology, diplomacy, philosophy, linguistics, the arts, and so much more. The definitive Wenyuange edition of the Siku Quanshu encompasses 3,460 works, totaling more than 36,000 volumes and is brought to life like never before in a unique, fully online format. This monumental work is the result of contributions by hundreds of editors and noted scholars, and is enhanced by previously unavailable tools to enhance research.

Siku Quanshu

About Siku Quanshu Online

Produced by Digital Heritage Publishing Ltd, the advanced electronic features of Siku Quanshu (Wenyuange Edition) Version 3.0 extend the full-text retrieval and full-image browsing of an already renowned database to new levels of search and presentation capabilities.

User-friendly features include:

  • An advanced Unicode Standard to include more than 12,000 previously unavailable characters
  • 200,000 un-encoded characters digitized for more inclusive search results
  • The content of 60,000 tables and chronologies digitized for search tables
  • User-friendly English and Chinese interface for familiar navigation and fast searching
  • Personal research tools include bookmarks, notes and annotation marks
  • Find closely related terms for more inclusive results when search criteria include interchangeable or related characters such as Traditional-Simplified, or Chinese-Japanese character sets

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