Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China

The most comprehensive compendium of its type in the world

The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China (Biaodian Gujin Tushu Jicheng, 标点古今图书集成) was edited by Chen Meng-lei, a renowned scholar of the Qing Dynasty. The first edition, comprised of 64 texts, was accessible exclusively to the royal court and was not available to scholars or commoners. The present digital edition of The Complete Classics includes the most seminal classics of Chinese literature and culture, from ancient China through the Qing Dynasty. The collection includes works on astronomy, geography, history, philosophy, literature, politics, economics, art, education, agriculture, medicine, and more.

Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China

Key Stats

  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English interface
  • Format: Full text and full image
  • Producer: United Digital Publications
  • Platform: UDP Taiwan Academic Classics (download user guide)

About the Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China

Produced by United Digital Publications of Taiwan, formerly known as Greatman Knowledge Management Group, the digital version of The Complete Classics Collection of Ancient China includes full punctuation and keyword highlighting, completely modernizing the research experience and facilitating new methods for working with these canonical texts. Works in the collection can be searched in full text with the help of advanced Boolean search features, or browsed by chapter and section corresponding to the structure of the original texts. In addition, images of each page of the original works can be viewed in side-by-side comparison with the full text.

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