Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection

A robust library of Arabic publications

The Modern Arab Renaissance Collection is an exclusive electronic archive of books published from 1820-1914 from across the Islamic World, with special focus on Egypt and Syria. These e-books provide insight into the development of Egypt and the Arab world during the most profound period of industrialization, modernization, the end of the Ottoman Empire, and relations with the colonial powers of the West. The collection is comprised of over 3,000 titles in the humanities and sciences, including philosophy and theology, literature, arts, history, and politics, and featuring writings from Mahmoud Abdo, Gamal El Din El Afgahany and Rashid Reda.

Modern Arab Renaissance

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1820-1914
  • Language: Arabic with English interface
  • Number of Titles: over 3,000
  • Format: PDF
  • Producer: Kotobarabia/East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View E-Book Platform

About Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Collection

Kotobarabia, a pioneer creator of Arabic e-content and distributor specializing in the Arabic language, offers an online solution to increasing and diversifying any institution’s offerings from the Middle East. Currently, East View offers two e-book collections from Kotobarabia: the Modern Arab Renaissance Collection and the Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection. Both are available exclusively on East View’s Universal Database E-Book platform, hosted in the United States.

The Modern Arab Renaissance Collection is arranged thematically and includes accompanying MARC records. Content is primarily in Arabic, with metadata in both Arabic and transliteration. The search interface is in English and includes a virtual Arabic keyboard for easy text input. The collection consists mostly of historic texts, and e-books are in full-image format, with searchable metadata only.

Key features of the Kotobarabia interface

  • Printable and downloadable features
  • Ability to customize your titles list
  • Search functionalities by author, title and subject
  • Full-image PDFs, with searchable metadata
  • Type in Arabic on the virtual Arabic keyboard
  • Tracking option of favorite titles

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