Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan

Academic journals published in Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonial occupation

The Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan (日治時期期刊集成資料庫) collection presents archives of 85 periodicals published in Taiwan during the period of Japanese colonial occupation (1895-1945). The period of Japanese colonial rule in Taiwan was a time of socio-economic flourishing, advancement in printing technology, and vitality in culture and education. During this modern era, a rich variety of periodicals were produced. The periodicals collected in this multi-disciplinary database offer authentic and representative materials for in-depth research on the social, economic, industrial, educational and other aspects of Taiwan’s history during the Japanese colonial period.

Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1898-1945
  • Language: Japanese and Traditional Chinese; Traditional Chinese, Japanese and English interface
  • Number of Titles: 85
  • Format: Full image with searchable text
  • Producer: TBMC
  • Platform: TBMC

About Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan

The Japanese Colonial Periodicals of Taiwan collection is hosted by Transmission Books & Microinfo Co., Ltd. (TBMC), a well-known online content producer from Taiwan. The collection includes the archives of 58 journals on a variety of topics. Below is a list of topics with representative journal titles:


  • Taiwan jiaoyuhui zazhi (臺灣教育會雜誌 [Taiwan Educational Association Magazine])
  • Diyi jiaoyu (第一教育 [First Education])
  • Taizhongzhou jiaoyu (台中州教育 [Taichung Education])


  • Taiwan zizhi pinglun (臺灣自治評論 [Taiwan Autonomous Government Review])
  • Taiwan defang xingzheng (臺灣地方行政 [Taiwan Local Administration])
  • Gaoxiong shibao (高雄時報 [Kaohsiung Times])
  • Taibeizhou shibao (臺北州時報 [Taipei State Times])

Economy and Industry

  • Taiwan shanlin huibao (臺灣山林會報 [Taiwan Mountain Newspaper])
  • Taiwan zhi zhuanmai (臺灣之專賣 [Taiwan Monopoly])
  • Taiwan jingji zazhi (臺灣經濟雜誌 [Taiwan Economic Journal])
  • Zhuanmai tongxin (專賣通信 [Monopoly Communications])
  • Taiwan kuangye huibao (台灣鑛業會報 [Taiwan Mining News])
  • Cai hai (財海)
  • Tangye (糖業 [The Sugar Industry])
  • Taiwan shang gong yuebao (臺灣商工月報 [Taiwan Business Monthly])


  • Taiwan zidongche jie (臺灣自動車界 [Taiwan Auto Industry])
  • Taiwan jishu xiehui (台灣技術協會 [Taiwan Technology Association])
  • Dianqi xiehui bao (電器協會報[Electrical Association News])
  • Kagaku no Taiwan (科學の臺灣 [Science of Taiwan])


  • Taiwan nongshi (臺灣農事 [Taiwan Agriculture])
  • Shuili xiehui bao (水利協會報 [Water Conservancy Association])
  • Taiwan nongye (台灣農業 [Taiwan Agriculture])
  • Taiwan no suiri (臺灣の水利 [Taiwan Water Conservancy])


  • Taiwan kuangye shibao (臺灣鑛業會報 [Taiwan Mining News])


  • Taiwan jingcha shibao (臺灣警察時報 [Taiwan Police Times])
  • Jing you (警友 [Friend of Police])


  • Taiwan haiwu xiehui bao (台灣海務協會報 [Taiwan Shipping Association])
  • Taiwan tiedao (臺灣鐵道 [Taiwan Railway])
  • Jiaotong shidai (交通時代 [Traffic Times])


  • Wenyi Taiwan (文藝台灣 [Literary Taiwan])

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