Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance Leaflets and Newspapers, 1942-1945

The Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance Leaflets and Newspapers collection consists of 97 World War II leaflets and content from 30 newspaper titles produced during the period of German occupation of Belarus in 1941-1944. Most of the leaflets in this collection were published clandestinely by the multiple Soviet guerilla (partisan) detachments, as well as by the scores of underground resistance groups which operated in German-occupied cities and villages. The leaflets were distributed to the population of the occupied territories and were addressed to the “Belarusian brothers and sisters,” to the young men who were lured into serving in German police and paramilitary units, to the workers and farmers of various Belarus regions, etc.

The newspapers in this collection were published between 1942-1945. Most of the issues were printed by underground resistance groups in secret printing press facilities operating in small Belarusian towns in the territories occupied by the Germans, while others were distributed by Belarusian partisan detachments operating from remote areas of Belarus.

Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1942-1945
  • Language: Belarusian and Russian
  • Country: Belarus
  • Number of Leaflets: 97
  • Number of Newspaper Titles: 30
  • Format: PDF, page-based
  • Producer: East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Universal Database and Global Press Archive

About the Belarus Anti-Fascist Resistance Collection

The entire collection of these leaflets and newspapers has been scanned, processed and uploaded to East View’s Universal Database Platform in PDF format for easier searching and browsing. Metadata includes document title, publisher (or issuing authority), year of publication and number of pages.

Belarus Anti-Fascist Newspaper Titles

Below is the full list of newspaper titles included in the collection, with city of publication and number of available issues:

  • Avangard (Luninets, 8 issues)
  • Bal’shavitski shliakh (Polotsk, 1 issue)
  • Bal’shavitski stsiag (Polatsk, 14 issues)
  • Chyrvonaia zara (Krasnaia sloboda, 2 issues)
  • Chyrvony khlebarob (Tolochin, 7 issues)
  • Chyrvony stsiag (Holopenichi, 1 issue)
  • Gomel’skaia praўda (Gomel, 20 issues)
  • Kalgasnaia trybuna (Vitsebsk, 1 issue)
  • Kalgasnik Kapyl’shchyny (Kopyl, 45 issues)
  • Kalgasny shliakh (Prapoisk, 1 issue)
  • Kamunar (Rogachev, 1 issue)
  • Klich Radzimy (Luban, 26 issues)
  • Leninski shliakh (Buda-Koshelevo, 3 issues)
  • My otomstim (Karpilovka, 14 issues)
  • Novaia veska (Logoisk, 1 issue)
  • Plamia (Bereza, 2 issues)
  • Po stalinskomu puti (Lelchitsy, 21 issues)
  • Satsyialistychnaia peramoga (Byhov, 1 issue)
  • Satsyialistychnaia pratsa (Vasilevichi, 7 issues)
  • Shliakh satsyializma (Zhlobin, 1 issue)
  • Shliakh satsyializma (Minsk, 11 issues)
  • Stalinets (Dobrush, 1 issue)
  • Stalinskaia praўda (Vetka, 1 issue)
  • Stalinski shliakh (Streshin, 6 issues)
  • Stalinski stsiag (Gomel, 6 issues)
  • Trybuna kalgasnika (Smolevichi, 1 issue)
  • Za Satsyialistychnuiu Radzimu (Slutsk, 1 issue)
  • Za bal’shavitskiia kalgasy (Ozarichi, 2 issues)
  • Za svabodu (Podsvile, 4 issues)
  • Zaria (Volkovysk, 2 issues)

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