eol AsiaOne

Authoritative collection of corporate financial data from Asia

eol AsiaOne, a business financial database for comparative analyses, aggregates filings and other financial data from companies in Japan, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, into a multi-lingual user-friendly platform. eol AsiaOne delivers basic business information, company profiles, detailed financial data, industry data, company ranking information, and more. The database features enhanced functions such as multiple language displays and currency switchover, and offers easy financial data comparisons across multiple companies, countries and regions. With data on over 12,500 Asian businesses, eol AsiaOne provides the most comprehensive coverage and the easiest comparisons of the world’s most dynamic economies.

eol AsiaOne

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1984-present
  • Language: Chinese (traditional and simplified), Japanese, Korean, English
  • Updates: Continuous
  • Producer: eol, Inc.
  • Platform: eol AsiaOne

About eol AsiaOne

eol AsiaOne provides reliable data reviewed and prepared by accounting specialists. The detailed review process includes unifying the names of financial items, summarizing financial data with consideration to the different accounting standards and systems of itemization of the respective countries and standardizing the variety of industry classification.

The data covered in eol AsiaOne includes basic company information, corporate summarized financial data (balance sheets, profit/loss statements, cash flow statements, etc.), detailed corporate financial data, and market information.



  • Conduct extremely detailed searches of all corporate data online in HTML
  • A wide array of search functions allows searches by country, industry, size, performance, or dozens of other categories

Comparison and Analysis

  • Easily make yearly comparisons for each company, comparisons between rival companies in the same industry, company rankings by industry sector, and more
  • Conduct financial analysis, group comparisons, or comparisons by region/industry
  • Comparisons are mapped by specialists to link correlating information across regional boundaries and differing accounting standards
  • Use graph display function to visually represent comparisons


  • PDF files for companies
  • CSV summarized financial data
  • CSV detailed financial data

Multiple Language/Currency Displays

  • Switch between five languages (Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, Japanese, Korean and English)
  • Switch currencies to see financial data after conversion
About eol

eol, Inc. is part of Japan’s renowned PRONEXUS Group, a publicly traded information services group that has set the standard in its field for over 80 years. eol, Inc. is one of the world’s foremost providers of corporate information and is dedicated to the comprehensive distribution of filings and other financial data for market-listed companies in Japan and other countries of Asia.

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