Geography, Environment, Sustainability Digital Archive

An English-language scientific peer-reviewed journal

Published by the Russian Geographical Society, the Lomonosov Moscow State University Geography Department, and the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Geography, this scientific English-language journal aims to inform and cover the results of research and global achievements in the sphere of geography, environmental conservation and sustainable development.

The articles published in Geography, Environment, Sustainability are aimed at Russian and non-Russian scientists alike, while the interdisciplinary focus of the journal means that the subject matter will be of interest to a wide variety of scholars and researchers, including geographers; ecologists; specialists in environmental conservation, natural resource use and sustainable development; GIS specialists; cartographers; social and political geographers, etc.

The journal is organized according to the three major sections of geography, environmental science and sustainable development, and includes articles on environmental management; human geography; global and regional environmental and climate change; environmental regional planning; applied geographical and environmental studies; geo-informatics and environmental mapping; oil and gas exploration and environmental problems; nature conservation and biodiversity; and environment and health.

Geography, Environment, Sustainability Digital Archive

Key Stats

  • Archive: 2010-2022
  • Language: English
  • City: Moscow
  • Country: Russia
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Format: PDF, article-based
  • Producer: East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Universal Database

About the Archive

The Geography, Environment, Sustainability Digital Archive contains over 450 articles, and features full page-level digitization, complete original graphics, and searchable text, and is cross-searchable with numerous other East View digital resources.

Recent articles published in Geography, Environment, Sustainability include:

  • Forecasted Trends in Changes of Vegetation in the European Part of Russia in Connection with Global Warming
  • Spreading of Antarctic Bottom Water in the Atlantic Ocean
  • Contemporary Land Reform Policy and Practice in South Africa and Its Environmental Implications
  • Risk Assessment of Encountering Killer Waves in the Black Sea
  • Geotechnical Safety Issues in the Cities of Polar Regions
  • Balanced Fertilization for Sustainable Development of Agriculture in the Savannas of South America
  • Evaluation of Glacier Melt Contribution to Runoff in the North Caucasus Alpine Catchments Using Isotopic Methods and Energy Balance Modeling
  • Isoprene and Monoterpenes over Russia and Their Impacts in Tropospheric Ozone Formation
  • Spatial Analysis on Health Problems Among Unorganized Industrial Workers in Ambedkarnagar District, India
  • A Novel Methodological Approach of Estimating Urban Population in Nigeria
  • Opportunistic Fungi in the Polluted Soils of Kola Peninsula
  • Estimation of Dispersed Glaciation Shrinkage Under Climate Change
  • Land Cover Classification and Change Detection Analyzing Multi-Temporal LANDSAT Data: A Case Study of Gazipur Sadar, Bangladesh Between 1973 and 2017

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