East View Essentials: Soviet and Russian Film

East View Essentials: Soviet and Russian Film includes seven key resources – four journals, one newspaper, and two e-book collections – on the history of Soviet and Russian cinema, tracing the evolution of cinema from the technological breakthroughs of the early 20th century to its ideological and cultural influence in the Soviet and post-Soviet eras.

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East View Essentials: Soviet and Russian Film Titles

Sovetskii Ekran Digital Archive (1925-1998)

Sovetskii Ekran (Советский экран, Soviet Screen) was the most prominent film magazine in Soviet history. A treasure trove of insider insights, production secrets, and cultural impacts, this collection offers a one-of-a-kind experience that will enrich academic studies. Read more: eastview.com/sovetskii-ekran


Iskusstvo kino Digital Archive (1931-Feb. 2023)

Renowned as one of Russia’s premier journals of cinema, Iskusstvo kino (Искусство кино, Art of Cinema) offers Russian and foreign movie reviews, articles on filmmaking and cinema culture, criticism, and essays. More than that, Iskusstvo kino traces Russian arts and culture from the ‘socialist realism’ era – when film became the prime propaganda tool (“agitki”) for instilling Communist fervor in the masses – all the way through contemporary filmmaking. Read more: eastview.com/iskusstvo-kino


Kino-fot Digital Archive (1922-1923)

Kino-fot (Кино-фот, Cinema photo), the short-lived but influential Russian cinema and photographic art journal, represented the core of the Gan-Rodchenko-Stepanova collaboration. Issues of the journal were illustrated throughout with typographic designs and abstract compositions by Rodchenko; articles by Kuleshov, Dziga Vertov and N. Bernstein, and numerous letterpress designs. All advertisements were also designed in dynamic black and red Constructivist style. The journal’s photomontage pictures, avant-garde layouts, unusual types and other elements put Kino-fot on the very edge of design and influenced the creative flow of the 1920s. Read more: eastview.com/kino-fot


Kino-Zhurnal A.R.K. Digital Archive (1925-1926)

Kino-zhurnal A.R.K. (Кино-журнал А.Р.К., Cinema Journal A.R.K.), published by the Association of Revolutionary Cinematography, is where the groundbreaking filmmakers of the 1920s expounded on their art. An extremely rare publication with only 12 issues ever published, the journal covered Soviet, European, American and Asian film news, film technology, and international cinema industry exhibitions. Read more: eastview.com/kino-zhurnal


Seans Digital Archive (1990-2021)

Seans (Сеанс, Seance) is one of the most influential film journals in Russia and the post-Soviet space. Housed on the premises of Lenfilm studio, the quarterly journal serves as a forum for the discussion of not only the latest trends in the industry but also of film criticism, film studies, and the ever-evolving language of cinema and the visual arts. Each issue of Seans is centered around a particular theme, with content addressing a variety of related artistic, cinematographic, and social concerns. Read more: eastview.com/seans


Ekran i Stsena (2017-current)

Ekran i Stsena (Экран и сцена, Screen and Stage) is a popular newspaper established in Moscow in 1990 by the late journalist and public figure Aleksandr Avdeenko. Originally published as a supplement to Sovetskaia kultura, it later became an independent publication, chronicling the developments of Russian cinema and theater. Articles cover the history of Soviet and contemporary film making, critical reviews of the latest theater plays and movies, and cultural events across the country. The 2017-2021 archive of this publication, along with current year access, is available as full image with searchable text on East View’s Universal Database platform.


Early Soviet Cinema E-Book Collection (1928-1948)

The collection features 116 e-books originally published in print from 1928 to 1948, on everything related to the Golden Age of Soviet cinema, including: the early years of the Russian film industry, cinema and communist education, criticism of foreign filmmaking, the role of women in cinema, ideology of Soviet films, the role of atheist documentaries in Soviet society, and much more. This collection includes works of renowned Russian and Soviet film directors, film scholars and film critics of the time, including Lev Kuleshov, Bela Balash, Rudolf Garms, Efraim Lemberg, Natan Zarkhi and others. View title list


Noveishaia istoriia otechestvennogo kino, 1986-2000

The Noveishaia istoriia otechestvennogo kino, 1986-2000 e-book set (Новейшая история отечественного кино 1986-2000, A History of Contemporary Russian Cinema from 1986-2000) offers a detailed chronicle of the Russian film industry. With commentary from leading experts in feature, documentary, popular science, and animated films, as well as experts in legal issues, film technology, and video distribution, the set provides critical insight into Russian culture and society.

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