The Encyclopedia of Taiwan

The largest single database on Taiwanese history in the Chinese language

The result of 15 years’ work by historians and scholars, the Encyclopedia of Taiwan (Taiwan Wenxian Congkan, 台灣文獻叢刊) covers the period from the Tang Dynasty to the Japanese Occupation and includes abstracts and indexing from thousands of books. Based on the Taiwan Literature Series edited by Chou Hsien-Wen, the former Dean of the National Taiwan University Law School, it is the most heavily referenced database of its kind and the most comprehensive historical resource for understanding Taiwan. The collection covers a variety of dimensions of Taiwan, including history, geography, local customs, politics, economics, sociology, laws and culture. The Encyclopedia of Taiwan contains 309 books and incorporates local histories and official documents of the Ming and Qing dynasties, including the short-lived Southern Ming Dynasty. Also included are poems and private collections, many of which are sole copies and out-of-print books.

Encyclopedia of Taiwan

Key Stats

  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English interface
  • Number of Titles: 595
  • Format: Full image and full text
  • Producer: United Digital Publications
  • Platform: UDP Taiwan Academic Classics (download user guide)

About the Encyclopedia of Taiwan

Produced by United Digital Publications of Taiwan, formerly known as Greatman Knowledge Management Group, the Encyclopedia of Taiwan includes full punctuation and keyword highlighting, completely modernizing the research experience and facilitating new methods for working with these texts. Works in the collection can be searched in full text with the help of advanced Boolean search features, or browsed by chapter and section corresponding to the structure of the original texts.

Encyclopedia of Taiwan: Continuation

New books, archives and literature have been gathered since the original edition of the Encyclopedia of Taiwan was released by the Bank of Taiwan, and these are compiled in the Encyclopedia of Taiwan Continuation database (Taiwan Wenxian Congkan Continuation, 臺灣文獻叢刊續編). Content included in the earlier publication is excluded, except in cases where a newer edition adds value. The database covers geographic accounts, local customs, poems, literature, political archives, official documents, civil affairs, war records, records of coastal defenses, the actions of Japanese pirates, the “228 Incident,” the face-off between Zheng Cheng-Gong and the Manchu court, historical records of the Nan Ming dynasty, and more. Contact [email protected] for more information or to request a trial.

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