Russian Medicine and Public Health Journals (UDB-MED)

A collection of Russia’s leading medical and health periodicals

The core of the Russian Medicine and Public Health Journals (UDB-MED) collection is represented by journals of Meditsina, the most authoritative medical publisher in the country. There are also several other respectable medical publishers, such as Dinastiia, Remedium, Russkii vrach and Velt. Research in this collection covers such issues as public health, infectious diseases, general practice, pharmacology, pediatrics, nursing, skin diseases, and more.

Medicine and Public Health

Key Stats

  • Archive: 2003-present
  • Language: Russian
  • Frequency: Varies
  • Updates: Continuous
  • Format: Some full text; some PDF, article-based
  • Producer: East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Universal Database

UDB-MED Titles

The Russian Medicine and Public Health Journals collection includes 39 current journals, and 12 archived journals. Current titles in the collection include:

  • Anesteziologiia i reanimatologiia
  • Annaly khirurgii
  • Arkhiv akusherstva i ginekologii im. V.F. Snegireva
  • Aterotromboz
  • Detskaia khirurgiia
  • Detskie infektsii
  • Epidemiologiia i infektsionnye bolezni
  • Farmatsiia
  • Fizioterapiia, bal’neologiia i reabilitatsiia
  • Gematologiia i transfuziologiia
  • Gigiena i sanitariia
  • Immunologiia
  • Infektsionnye bolezni
  • Klinicheskaia laboratornaia diagnostika
  • Klinicheskaia meditsina
  • Mediko-sotsial’naia ekspertiza i reabilitatsiia
  • Meditsinskaia sestra
  • Meditsinskii sovet
  • Molekuliarnaia genetika, mikrobiologiia i virusologiia
  • Nevrologicheskii zhurnal
  • Pediatriia. Zhurnal im. G. N. Speranskogo
  • Problemy sotsial’noi gigieny, zdravookhraneniia i istorii meditsiny
  • Psikhologicheskii zhurnal
  • Regionarnaia anesteziia i lechenie ostroi boli
  • Remedium
  • Rossiiskaia pediatricheskaia oftal’mologiia
  • Rossiiskie apteki
  • Rossiiskii meditsinskii zhurnal
  • Rossiiskii onkologicheskii zhurnal
  • Rossiiskii pediatricheskii zhurnal
  • Rossiiskii stomatologicheskii zhurnal
  • Rossiiskii zhurnal kozhnykh i venericheskikh boleznei
  • Sotsiologiia meditsiny
  • Voprosy detskoi dietologii
  • Voprosy ginekologii, akusherstva i perinatologii
  • Voprosy prakticheskoi pediatrii
  • Voprosy virusologii
  • Vrach
  • Zdravookhranenie Rossiiskoi Federatsii

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