Russian Military and Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL)

Key publications on Russia's armed forces

The only resource of its kind, the Russian Military and Security Periodicals (UDB-MIL) collection includes several dozen publications covering military and security developments in Russia from both official and independent sources. All branches of the armed forces are covered by this collection, including the Russian Air Force, Army and Navy. In addition to journals and newspapers published in Moscow, UDB-MIL presents imprints from military districts and some armies and divisions. Equally important, the collection includes a trove of English-language sources.

Russian Military and Security

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1992-present
  • Language: Russian, English
  • Frequency: Varies
  • Updates: Continuous
  • Format: Full text; some PDF, article-based
  • Producer: East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Universal Database

UDB-MIL Titles

Active titles in the Russian Military and Security Periodicals collection include:

  • Aerokosmicheskoe obozrenie
  • Aerospace Review
  • Armeiskii sbornik
  • Army & Navy Review
  • Arsenal Otechestva
  • Atomnaia energiia
  • Atomnaia strategiia
  • Aviakosmicheskaia i ekologicheskaia meditsina
  • AviaSoiuz
  • Aviatsiia i kosmonavtika
  • Boevaia vakhta
  • Defense & Security
  • Field Air Defense Compendium by National Arsenal
  • Flag Rodiny
  • Izvestiia Rossiiskoi akademii raketnykh i artilleriiskikh nauk
  • Kaspiets
  • Krasnaia zvezda
  • Kryl’ia Rodiny
  • Morskaia kampaniia
  • Morskoi pekhotinets
  • Morskoi sbornik
  • Na strazhe Rodiny
  • Na strazhe Zapoliar’ia
  • National Arsenal
  • Natsional’naia oborona
  • Nezavisimoe voennoe obozrenie
  • Obozrenie armii i flota
  • Rossiiskoe voennoe obozrenie
  • Shchit i mech
  • Strategicheskie prioritety
  • Strazh Baltiki
  • Suvorovskii natisk
  • Tekhnika i vooruzhenie
  • Tikhookeanskaia vakhta
  • Ural’skie voennye vesti
  • Vestnik Akademii voennykh nauk
  • Vestnik voennogo obrazovaniia
  • Vestnik voennogo prava
  • Veteran Vooruzhennykh Sil RF
  • Voennaia mysl’
  • Voenno-istoricheskii zhurnal
  • Voenno-meditsinskii zhurnal
  • Voenno-strategicheskii analiz
  • Voennye komissariaty Rossii
  • Voennyi vestnik Iuga Rossii
  • Voin Rossii
  • Vooruzhenie i ekonomika
  • Voprosy oboronnoi tekhniki. Seriia 16. Tekhnicheskie sredstva protivodeistviia terrorizmu
  • Vozdushno-kosmicheskaia sfera
  • VPK. Voenno-promyshlennyi kur’er
  • Zapiski po gidrografii
  • Zarubezhnoe voennoe obozrenie
  • Zashchita i bezopasnost’

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