Modern China Digital Archive

Historic academic journal featuring first-hand materials from the Kuomintang authorities

Founded in 1977 by the Historical Commission of the Kuomintang Party, Modern China (近代中國) was renowned for its coverage of Chinese Republican history, the Revolutionary Martyrs archives, and revolutionary documents of China. While other historic academic journals of its kind are focused on discourse and commentary, Modern China published first-hand historic materials from the Kuomintang authorities, revealing the “oral history” of the most important figures of the Republic’s history, and combined exclusive archive materials and historic research not found anywhere else. Modern China also sponsored international academic seminars, which were covered by the journal, with participants from mainland China, North and South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, as well as Taiwan.

Modern China

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1977-2005
  • Language: Traditional Chinese with Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English interface
  • Format: PDF, article-based
  • Producer: United Digital Publications
  • Platform: UDP Taiwan Academic Classics (download user guide)

About the Archive

Produced by United Digital Publications of Taiwan, formerly known as Greatman Knowledge Management Group, the Modern China Digital Archive is a treasure trove of historical materials on modern China. The archive includes all issues of the journal (1977-2005), including 163 issues, nearly 5,000 articles, and over 48,000 figures. Articles in the archive can be searched in full text with the help of advanced Boolean search features.

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