Lionart Database

Influential art journal from Taiwan

During the late 20th century, Lionart was the most sought-after platform in Taiwan for artists, critics, and intellectuals who were enthusiastic to share their opinions through the arts. This leading art journal not only documented people’s thoughts and reactions during and after the period of martial law (1949-1987), but also nurtured many art masters and influential figures in the fields of art and humanities in Greater China for a quarter of a century. Lionart’s mission was to enrich the Chinese arts field by introducing avant-garde concepts from the Western world and supporting emerging artists from Taiwan. The journal was diverse and significant in its contribution to the arts and provides critical primary source materials for researching Asian arts and humanities, as well as various facets of the turbulent history of Cross-Strait relations during the 20th century. Lionart Press, publisher of Lionart, has been the dominant brand in the art publishing industry in Taiwan since 1971, and its prestigious publications continue to enjoy great influence in the field of Taiwanese arts and culture.


Key Stats

  • Archive: 1971-1996
  • Language: Traditional Chinese content with English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese interfaces
  • Frequency: Monthly
  • Format: Full image and full text
  • Producer: United Digital Publications
  • Platform: UDP Taiwan Academic Classics (download user guide)

About the Archive

Produced by United Digital Publications of Taiwan, formerly known as Greatman Knowledge Management Group, the Lionart Database (雄獅美術知識庫) is a recipient of visual art funding provided by Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture. The archive includes all published issues of the journal (307 total), and contains approximately 44 million characters, 30,000 articles, 68,000 images, and 10,000 pages of rare, nostalgic advertisements. The Lionart Database is offered on the Taiwan Academic Classics (TAC) platform and is cross-searchable with other content on TAC.

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