China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database (EB-PISHU)

Exclusive contemporary research and analysis by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences

The China Economy, Public Policy, and Security Database is an online resource of contemporary Chinese research and analysis written by China’s leading policymakers. These high-value analytical reports, also known as pishu (皮书, literally, ‘cover-books’), represent the best of contemporary Chinese scholarship in the social sciences from cultural to economic development. Published by the prestigious Social Sciences Academic Press (SSAP, 社会科学文献出版社), a branch of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pishu contain comprehensive, hard-hitting analysis on issues important in China today, setting the tone for how China approaches issues or development. Those who contribute, write, and edit pishu are leading experts and scholars from government agencies, national organizations, and renowned academic institutions. Pishu are written for the sake of research, with the intention to guide policymaking. Issues are comprehensively examined, and as such, are considered authoritative and objective.

Economy, Public Policy, and Security

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1996-present
  • Language: Chinese; titles and descriptions in English
  • Country: China
  • Updates: Approx. 120 new pishu added annually
  • Format: PDF
  • Producer: SSAP/East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Universal Database


East View has aggregated all pishu volumes, from 1996 to present on its Universal Database (“UDB”) platform. They are presented in thematically arranged series as follows:

  • Pishu Series 1: China Society and Culture
  • Pishu Series 2: China Economic Development
  • Pishu Series 3: China Regional Analysis – Provincial
  • Pishu Series 4: China Regional Analysis – Municipal
  • Pishu Series 5: China Regional Analysis – Hong Kong/Macao/Taiwan
  • Pishu Series 6: China Industrial Sectors
  • Pishu Series 7: Global Economy, Politics, Security

East View has made improvements to the database, making it easier to use, with a more intuitive interface. A few of the updates include:

  • Titles are organized by Series
  • Clicking a Series title brings users to a landing page with all available volumes of that title which have been normalized to account for title changes over time
  • The Series level landing page has a permanent URL which can be used in your library’s catalog
  • Toggle between English or Chinese: Users can choose to view interface, title, and descriptions in English or Chinese
  • Quality control to publisher’s titles and other meta-data applied to improve accuracy and search results
  • Richer metadata has been added to the site, along with more intuitive searching options, including filters to narrow the search

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