Renjian Fukan Digital Archive

A Popular Resource for Taiwanese Literary Content

Renjian Fukan (人間 副刊, Human Realm Literary Supplement) of the China Times was founded on September 16, 1955.

Literary supplements are a unique feature of Chinese newspapers that were initially devised to fill up space in a newspaper’s back pages. Initially, the supplements included works from well-renowned authors, such as Zhang Dachun and Huang Fan. These grew to become very popular among readers.

The content of Renjian Fukan transformed in the mid-1970s by depicting daily life of farmers, workers, and miners, and telling the stories of different classes of Taiwanese society.

Renjian Fukan gradually evolved into a public forum for intellectuals. It provided a variety of columns on different topics and collected writings across the country to allow scholars to express their thoughts and reflections on the current social issues.

These are considered a resource of great value for researchers who are interested in the contemporary social development and cultural changes of Taiwan.

Renjian Fukan

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1955-2005
  • Language: Traditional Chinese
  • Frequency: Daily
  • City: Taipei
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Format: Full image and full text
  • Producer: TBMC
  • Platform: TBMC

An indispensable resource for researchers of Taiwanese literature

The owner of the China Times, InfoTimes Corporation, worked with the Transmission Books & Microinfo Company to compile the past fifty years (1955-2005) of Renjian Fukan and produce a high-quality digital archive of this publication. The database contains three collections from September 16, 1955, to December 31, 2005, and they can be sold separately.

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