LandScan Global Population Database

High-resolution Population Distribution Data

Since 2011, East View has offered the LandScan™ Global Population Database developed by the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).

In October 2021, ORNL announced that future versions of LandScan would be available as an open access dataset.  Since that time, East View has continued to make the data available to subscribers via its WebApp. With the recent release of LandScan Global 2021 version on August 14, 2023, East View has decided to no longer update and maintain the East View LandScan WebApp.

Users may now access LandScan directly through ORNL. The LandScan database on the ORNL site is delivered in GeoTIFF format and is available at

East View remains available for any data customization, including conversion to the traditional ESRI raster format, as well as ArcInfo Binary or ASCII grids, GRIB, or many other raster formats. Polygonization to shapefile, MapInfo or other vector formats are also possible.

The LandScan archive is still available from East View, which contains all information as delivered by ORNL from LandScan 2000 to LandScan 2020, and includes ancillary demographic information for certain years. Contact us to learn more.

Note: East View will take down its LandScan WebApp as of January 1, 2024.

Questions? Please contact us at [email protected].

Now Available: LandScan High Definition Data for Ukraine and Russia

Newly-released LandScan High Definition (HD) data over Ukraine and Russia provides gridded population estimates at 3 arc-second (~100m) resolution.

Click to download your free copy: Ukraine | Russia

More About LandScan

LandScan is the industry standard for global population distribution – with data available as far back as 2000 – and is a valuable application in research, educational, humanitarian and corporate settings.

LandScan Features & Benefits
  • High-resolution population distribution data (30 arc seconds or ~1km at equator) in a GIS raster format
  • Distribution depicts ambient (24 hr. average) population distribution
  • Sub-national census counts provided by the International Program Center, Bureau of Census
  • Upgraded and updated annually to reflect changes in global political boundaries
  • Enables quick and simple assessment, estimation, and visualization of population at risk
  • Valuable resource for Sustainable Development, Risk Assessment, Strategic Planning, Humanitarian Aid, Disaster Response and Disease Modeling
  • Analysis tool for insurance, telecommunications and other business applications
LandScan: Population Data for any Application

Insurance Applications

  • Risk analysis
  • Life insurance forecasting
  • Data warehousing
  • Market predictions

Telecommunications Network Planning

  • Population count assessment
  • Communication placement
  • Urban land use clutter data enhancement
  • Infrastructure improvements

Market Growth

  • Retail expansion
  • Population trends
  • Market research
  • Global comparative analysis
  • Business development

Spatial Data Analysis

  • Raster (land cover, elevation, slope)
  • Lines and Polylines (roads, rails, waterways, urban areas)
  • Polygons (urban/rural areas, administrative boundaries)
  • Points (small towns and villages, building data)

Disease Modeling

  • Geocoding and spatial modeling of epidemics
  • Infectious disease dynamics
  • Public health policies
  • Disease control programs

Humanitarian Aid & Relief Support

  • Expedite assistance to catastrophic areas
  • Monitor vulnerable populations in areas of conflict
  • Rapid location of victims
  • Plan and aid recovery efforts before natural and human disasters

Sustainable Development & Environmental Protection

  • Assess human impact on the environment
  • Locate per capita consumption hot-spots
  • Habitat loss mitigation
  • Critical infrastructure analysis

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