LandScan High Definition (HD) Data for Ukraine

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LandScan HD for Ukraine was completed and released in January 2022.  LandScan High Definition (HD) provides gridded population estimates at 3 arc-second (~100m) resolution. Values for each LandScan HD cell represent an ambient (i.e., 24 hour average) population count estimate.  In this way, the data capture the full potential activity space of people throughout the course of the day and night rather than just a residential location. The LandScan HD model incorporates current land use and infrastructure data from a variety of sources, applies facility occupancy estimates from Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Population Density Tables (PDT) project, and leverages novel image processing algorithms developed at ORNL to rapidly map building structures and neighborhood areas using high-performance computing environments.

The source for subnational population counts used in the development of this data comes from State Statistics Service of Ukraine: These subnational estimates were adjusted to the country total population provided by the CIA World Factbook:

Please refer to the included metadata for more information about the sources used to develop LandScan HD for Ukraine. This download includes the LandScan HD raster data in both Esri GRID and TIFF formats. For ease of display, an ArcGIS layer file is included with the GRID and a colormap text file is included with the TIFF.

Note: LandScan HD for Russia is also available as a free download. Please click here to download.

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