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East View is deeply committed to supporting the academic and research communities by ensuring that information from Ukraine and the surrounding region remains accessible. The very name of the company conveys a dedication to get the “East” view—as diverse, as complex, even as impenetrable and perhaps offensive as it may be—to the outside world. That mission, and East View’s commitment to it, has never been more important.

Below you will find a list of online commercial resources on Ukraine available from East View, as well as free e-resources, print resources, and some information about additional content in East View’s holdings which may be digitized and made accessible for scholars on a custom project basis. East View will also collect and post all relevant service updates here, plus links to other recommended reliable sources of information on this topic, many of which are provided by our associates and clients.

Online Resources

Current News Coverage from Ukraine

Below are titles from the region that have continued to publish after February 24, 2022. As of April 1, East View considers these titles to still be active and current content is being added to East View’s platform as available. This content is available to browse and purchase as individual articles through East View On Demand, or as annual subscriptions as part of our Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR) database, unless otherwise noted.

Note: Click on the newspaper titles to access On Demand content.

Holos Ukrainy, daily, Kyiv, official paper of record
Halychyna, weekly, western Ukraine
Literaturna Ukraina, weekly, Kyiv
Odes’ki visti, weekly, Odesa
Slobids’kyi krai, daily, Kharkiv oblast
Zerkalo nedeli (web version), daily, Kyiv newspaper (only available as part of UDB-UKR)

Russian-language newspapers from Crimea and breakaway regions
Krymskaia Pravda, daily, Simferopol
Krymskie Izvestiia, daily, Simferopol
Slava Sevastopolia, daily, Sevastopol
Flag Rodiny, weekly, Sevastopol (included in UDB-MIL: Russian Military and Security Periodicals)
Vostochnyi Donbass, irregular, Sverdlovsk (please inquire for access)
Novorossia, irregular, Donetsk (please inquire for access)

Government publications
Defense Express Newswire, weekly, Kyiv
Uriadovyi kur’ier, daily, Kyiv

Subscriptions to the above titles are available as part of the Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR) database (unless otherwise noted). The database includes both current and archive content for these titles and more. Read on below for more information about UDB-UKR and other online resources on Ukraine available from East View.

Ukraine Databases, Digital Archives, Election Materials, and More

Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR)

1997-present | multiple languages including Ukrainian, Russian, English | title list | request free trial
Real-time access to essential Ukrainian newspapers and journals, featuring titles such as Defense Express, Dnepr VecherniiHalychyna, Holos Ukrainy, KhreshchatykKorespondent, Krymskaia pravda, and Ukraina moloda. Includes current and archive content for 23 active titles and archive content for 17 ceased/suspended titles.
Note: Some active titles in this database are experiencing delays in updating content. We will continue to load content as it becomes available.

Social Movements, Elections and Ephemera: Ukraine Collection

Collections of election and social movement material, such as candidate biographies and financial disclosures; campaign statements, stickers and advertisements; complaints of fraud and election irregularities; election programs and political party charters; political posters and brochures; voter bulletins, handouts and leaflets; special newspaper editions; and more. request free trial

Available content includes:
Crimea Elections, 1994
Euromaidan Protests, 2013-2014
Parliamentary Elections, 2012, 2014, 2019
Presidential Elections, 2014, 2019

Donetsk and Luhansk Newspaper Collection

2013-2015 | in Russian | title list | request free trial
Rare newspapers from the self-proclaimed republics. Includes archive content for 10 titles.

Demokratychna Ukraina Digital Archive

1992-Feb. 7, 2020 (suspended) | in Ukrainian | request free trial
Well-respected independent newspaper; an important resource in charting the rise of an independent media landscape in Ukraine and for studying the country’s checkered democratic transition since independence.

Pravda Ukrainy Digital Archive

1938-2014 | in Russian | request free trial
Official daily newspaper of the Communist Party of Ukraine.

Ukrainian Statistical Publications (UDB-STAT-UKR)

2012 -present | in Ukrainian, with some in Russian and English | title list | request free trial
Published by the State Statistical Services of Ukraine, offers the most comprehensive statistical data on key economic, social, and environmental trends and developments in Ukraine. Includes 90 active titles.
Note: Some active titles in this database are experiencing delays in updating content. We will continue to load content as it becomes available

Ukrainian National Bibliography (UDB-BIB-UKR)

2001-present | in Ukrainian | title list | request free trial
Comprehensive bibliographic database for printed works in Ukraine, including books, newspapers, journals, documentary materials, literary criticism and reviews, fine arts, sheet music, dissertations, and cartographic publications. Includes 9 active titles and 2 ceased/suspended titles.
Note: Some active titles in this database are experiencing delays in updating content. We will continue to load content as it becomes available

Research Collections: Ukrainian Studies

Chernobyl Newspapers Collection1979-1990, in Ukrainian and Russian, includes three previously unavailable local newspapers — Prapor peremohy, Tribuna Energetika, and Trybuna pratsi — published in towns in the exclusion zone and its immediate vicinity. request free trial

The Chernobyl Files — declassified documents of the Ukrainian KGB from 1971-1991, including coverage of the lesser-known 1982 partial meltdown of reactor Block no. 1. request free trial

Judaica Digital Collections — resources from the State Archives of Kyiv Oblast’, covering the 1850s to the early 1920s. The collections include documentation from important historical events, such as Kyiv’s Bloody October of 1905 and the Beilis Case. Topics covered include emigration from Ukraine, before and during the Soviet era; anti-Semitic groups, ethnic tension and the resulting pogroms; Jewish societies and education programs; and more. request free trial

Ukraine Between the Wars — a collection of 150+ e-books, concentrated primarily between 1912 and 1929, that provides insight into a historical period when competing ideas about Ukraine, Ukrainians, and their future fueled vibrant debates and violent clashes. flyer | title list | request free trial

Additional research collections are also available for digitization – see the Other Ukrainian Holdings section below for details.


Other Eurasian Resources

Periodicals of the Baltics, Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine (UDB-EUR)

1997-present | multiple languages including Belarusian, English, Estonian, Russian, Ukrainian | title list | request free trial
Real-time access to essential periodicals from the region, featuring titles such as Den’, Litovskii kur’er, Moldavskie vedomosti, Postimees, SB. Belarus’ segodnia, and The Minsk Times (in English). Includes two active Ukrainian titles not included in Ukrainian Publications (UDB-UKR) – Pozitsiia and Vecherka plius. Includes 12 active titles and 13 ceased titles.
Note: Some active titles in this database are experiencing delays in updating content. We will continue to load content as it becomes available.

Opposition Titles from Russia

Standalone Titles

East View offers numerous single title subscriptions to periodicals from the region. Click here to view the full list of available titles.


Other Ukrainian Holdings from East View

Below are additional resources from East View which may be digitized and made accessible for scholars on a custom project basis. Please contact your East View representative for more information or use the contact form at the bottom of this webpage.

  • Major Ukrainian Newspapers
    • Extensive (near-complete in many cases) runs of 30+ major newspapers from Ukraine
    • Not included in any existing East View Digital Archive or UDB product
    • Approximately half of the titles started publishing pre-1992; the other half are new titles from the early 1990s forward
    • Average runs are close to 20 years per title
    • Many of these titles have ceased but still have historical significance
  • Independent/Local Ukrainian Newspapers (1989-2001)
    • Massive collection of hundreds of local and independent Ukrainian newspapers from the period of 1989-2001
    • Features dozens of publications from each of the 25 provincial-level units of Ukraine, including Crimea
    • Types of publications include local papers of record (typically the main paper from the provincial capital), local political papers, local religious papers (Judaica, Orthodox, Catholic, Islamic, etc.), local ethnic papers (Crimean Tatar, Polish, etc.), and other local special interest papers (military veterans, women’s/men’s papers, etc.)
    • Publication languages are mostly in either Ukrainian or Russian, but there are also minority languages represented, including Crimean Tatar, Polish, and more

Census Data
  • Ukrainian Population Census 2001: Most recent census available; ca. 500 volumes, 20 volumes on average per Ukrainian province, including Crimea.
  • Soviet Census Data (includes Ukraine data): Available years include 1989, 1979, 1970, 1959, 1939, 1937, 1926, 1897.
  • Crimean Census under Russian Federation Control, 2014

  • Ukraine Scientific/Thematic Atlas Collection: over 20 atlases, including the National Atlas of Ukraine
  • Ukraine Street/Travel Atlas Collection: over 20 basic reference type atlases

  • Ukraine Scientific/Thematic/Reference Map Collection: over 300 maps, including multi-map sets, covering both the Soviet and post-independent Ukraine period

Archival Publications/Research Collections
  • Covering the period from 1830 to 1945, the collections include primary source documents on uprisings against the Russian Empire; the Prosvita Society (a pro-Ukrainian cultural organization); the Stolypin assassination; the short-lived government and secret police of Hetman Skoropadsky; Ukraine under Nazi occupation; and more.

Bibliographies (Soviet era)
  • Newspapers, Journals, other Periodicals: Contains all newspapers published in Ukraine from 1917-1991.  Over 1000 titles, including newspapers from town-level on up.
  • Other Bibliographies (all USSR-level, but cover Ukraine): Includes books, dissertations, musical scores, maps, and artistic publications.


Free Resources

LandScan High Definition (HD) Data for Ukraine

LandScan HD for Ukraine was completed and released in January 2022 (click here to download). LandScan HD provides gridded population estimates at 3 arc-second (~100m) resolution. Values for each LandScan HD cell represent an ambient (i.e., 24 hour average) population count estimate.
Note: LandScan HD for Russia is also available as a free download – please click here to download.

Select Articles from East View Press Publications

East View Press, an imprint of East View Information Services, publishes translated editions of several Russian journals, as well as The Current Digest of the Russian Press, a weekly journal that provides translations of current articles from Russian central newspapers. A selection of translated articles are available on the topic of Ukraine here.
Note: East View Press will continue to update this page with free content so be sure to check back often.


East View offers a wide range of scholarly monographs and print periodicals from Ukraine and other countries of the former USSR and Eastern Europe. Browse titles and place your order through or contact [email protected] for more information. Note that East View also offers a wide selection of e-books from the region on a variety of topics, and that approval plans are available for both print and e-books.


Service Updates

March 4, 2022
  • TV Rain Archive Database (TV-RAIN): Please be advised that new programming has been suspended as of March 3, 2022, but access remains available to the archived programming at

Please contact [email protected] regarding any service updates or questions regarding service. For any questions related to the supply of print books and periodicals from Ukraine and the surrounding region please contact [email protected].


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