Global Press Archive and the Center for Research Libraries: Supporting digital humanities with broad access to millions of pages of global newspapers

East View and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) launched the charter phase of the GPA CRL Alliance in 2019 to develop a special series of collections for the East View Global Press Archive (GPA). With a focus on providing global access to a wide selection of newspapers from around the world, the GPA CRL Alliance has successfully released five collections to date – four Open Access, and one CRL-wide – with another four collections coming in 2021-2022, totaling over 4.5 million pages.

All GPA CRL Alliance titles are selected by the CRL membership, coordinated by a CRL advisory committee. Read on below for more information on available collections and the next phase of the GPA CRL Alliance. CRL members can also learn more about the GPA CRL Alliance, available collections, and alliance member benefits on CRL’s eDesiderata website (CRL member login required).

Want to learn about what’s next for the Alliance?

East View and CRL hosted a Coffee Talk Webinar on September 14 to discuss future GPA plans and Phase 2 of the GPA CRL Alliance. Register here to view a recording of the webinar.

New! East African Newspapers Collection

The twentieth and early twenty-first centuries were a time of great change for Africa. In East Africa, this time witnessed the growth of decolonization as independence movements swelled, and local, autonomous self-governance took hold throughout the region. This period was also punctuated by famine, drought, political uprisings, border disputes, and war as countries worked to navigate the post-colonial landscape.

The East African Newspapers collection provides insight into this region during this critical time, featuring key newspapers from the region from the 1940s to the early 2000s. This growing collection currently includes over 475,000 pages total from three titles: Daily Nation (Kenya), The Ethiopian Herald, and The Monitor (Uganda). More titles will be added over time to expand research into this dynamic region.

The collection is available for free to all CRL members institutions. Non-CRL institutions that wish to purchase the East African Newspapers collection should contact us for more information.

The GPA CRL Alliance: Achievements of the Charter Phase

With generous support from funding members, the GPA CRL Alliance has successfully released five collections to date, with four more collections to come by mid-2022. These collections span the globe and will ultimately include over 4.5 million pages of content, of which 3 million pages are intended to be Open Access.

Published collections:
Focus on multiple regions, languages:

Collections include content from Central America, East Asia, Eastern Europe and Eurasia, and the Middle East and North Africa. And coming soon, content from East Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia. Languages covered include Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish, with Javanese, Vietnamese, and more coming soon.

Custom platform development:

GPA content is delivered on a custom-built platform designed specifically for searching and display of full-image/full-text newspaper archives. Taking into account extensive feedback from librarians and researchers, the GPA platform was developed to provide an optimized experience for newspaper content, as well as a robust selection of tools and features, including cross-searching across all GPA platform titles, hit-term highlighting, clipping and text extraction tools, virtual keyboards for Arabic, Russian, and Turkish, crowdsourced text correction, citation generators, and more.

Looking Ahead: GPA CRL Alliance Phase 2

Encouraged by the positive results of the charter phase of the GPA CRL Alliance, fundraising is under way for a second phase of the GPA CRL Alliance. The continuation of this highly successful academic-commercial partnership between CRL and East View will serve our shared values of diversity, equity, and inclusion, and continue to extend access to global newspaper collections to the widest possible audience.

The parameters of a Phase 2 will be similar in scope to the charter phase of the GPA CRL Alliance. The general parameters for Phase 2 include:

  • Two-year program extension at the same level of commitment as the charter phase (no increase in price).
  • Initial target of six collections, with assumption of two Open Access collections and one CRL-wide collection per year.
  • Each collection will include roughly 500,000 pages, totaling 3 million pages after two years.
  • CRL members/supporters would continue to receive the same benefits provided by the Charter Alliance, such as discounts on non-Alliance GPA resources, favorable pricing on custom digitization projects, etc.
Want to learn more about Phase 2?

East View and CRL hosted a Coffee Talk Webinar on September 14 to discuss future GPA plans and Phase 2 of the GPA CRL Alliance. Register here to view a recording of the webinar.

Why Join the GPA CRL Alliance?

The GPA CRL Alliance is a unique opportunity to play a leading role in supporting equal access to critical resources for scholars across the globe.

In addition, GPA CRL Alliance participants enjoy a number of benefits, including:

  • Discounts on commercial GPA products not included in the GPA CRL Alliance. So far, the Alliance has provided members an average savings of 38% – nearly $1 million in savings overall.
  • Discounts on custom digitization projects
  • Access to millions of pages of deposit copies for TDM and other research initiatives
GPA CRL Alliance

GPA CRL Alliance Collections

Get to Know the GPA Platform

East View’s Global Press Archive program features a robust custom platform that hosts a number of GPA titles, with new titles continuously being added.

With content spanning from the early 1800s to today, the GPA platform currently includes over 1,500 newspapers, 450,000 issues, and 4.7 million pages of content, with 17 countries and 12 languages represented. This includes millions of pages of Open Access content from China, Mexico, and the Middle East and North Africa. GPA will only continue to grow, with plans to add more than 4 million pages of content to the platform in 2021, including a new Open Access collection of newspapers from imperial Russia.

Platform Features:
  • IP authentication
  • Usage statistics
  • Unlimited simultaneous users
  • Cross-searching across all GPA platform titles, including Open Access content, institutional purchased content, and any custom newspaper digitization projects hosted on the platform
  • Full-image/full-text content
  • Page-level digitization with hit-term highlighting
  • Full-screen browsing
  • Clipping and text extraction tools
  • Crowdsourced text correction
  • Citation generator in MLA, APA, Chicago, and RIS format
  • Virtual keyboards for Arabic, Russian, and Turkish
  • Multilingual UI functionality

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