The Center for Research Libraries have entered into an Alliance to develop a special series of collections in the East View Global Press Archive following the specifications of CRL.

Through its Global Press Archive program, East View is producing a diverse series of databases of newspapers from all over the globe. Building on this momentum, the Center for Research Libraries and East View have created the CRL Alliance to steer the development of a series of thematically designed GPA databases to meet the specific needs and priorities of CRL members. The CRL Alliance will result in the creation of nine collections over a period of three years, encompassing hundreds of newspaper titles and totaling over 4.5 million pages.

Each of the GPA collections produced through the CRL Alliance will be released on East View’s customized platform and will present collections of full-image and full-text newspapers. Six of the collections will be released in full Open Access sponsored by CRL; the other three CRL Alliance databases will be accessible to all member institutions of the Center for Research Libraries and participating NERL members. Open Access releases will contain public domain content, and collections created for CRL access will include in-copyright content cleared by East View. All CRL Alliance titles are selected by a CRL advisory committee and CRL members can learn more about the CRL Alliance on CRL’s eDesiderata website (CRL member login required).

The first of these nine collections has already been selected by the CRL Alliance advisory committee and production is underway (see details below). Check back soon for updates on this and other CRL Alliance collections.

CRL Alliance

COMING SOON! Collection #2: Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers (Open Access + CRL-wide Access)

For the CRL Alliance’s second Open Access collection, CRL advisors have selected a number of newspapers published in the Middle East and North Africa. Researchers will find a wealth of unique content from this dynamic region, much of which has never been digitized or available as open access material. Content in the Middle Eastern & North African Newspapers collection is predominantly in Arabic, but also includes key titles in English and French. The collection comprises mostly out-of-copyright, orphaned content.

In addition to Open Access content, CRL members will also receive access to five in-copyright titles from the region: al-Jumhūriȳah ( الجمهورية , Egypt), Filasṭin̄ ( فلسطين , Israel), al-Akhbar ( الاخبار , Lebanon), al-Riyadh (  الرياض , Saudi Arabia), and al-Dustūr ( الدستور , Jordan). Non-CRL institutions will have the option to purchase these additional archives; more details to come in Spring 2020.

Collection #1: Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers (Open Access)

For the CRL Alliance’s first Open Access collection, CRL advisors selected key newspapers published in China during its tumultuous transition from imperial rule to the establishment of the People’s Republic of China. The collection currently contains 13 titles and over 175,000 pages of content but will ultimately grow to include hundreds of titles and 500,000 pages by 2020.

Open Access to this collection is made possible through the generous support of the Center for Research Libraries and its member institutions.

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