East View Global Press Archive®/CRL Alliance

The Center for Research Libraries and East View have entered into an alliance putting CRL members in the driver’s seat to make development decisions about a substantial collection of digital international newspapers.

Based on the East View Global Press Archive®, the Global Press Archive/CRL Charter Alliance will digitize an unprecedented corpus of global newspapers, with the support and participation of CRL member institutions, over a period of three years, giving additional benefits to all participants.

All content is to be selected and prioritized by CRL members, with East View handling copyright diligence and production. CRL formed an advisory committee to support this initiative. CRL Members can find more information about the program on eDesiderata at edesiderata.crl.edu/resources/global-press-archive. Your CRL member login is required to view full details.

Non-CRL institutions interested in participating in the program can contact East View at info@eastview.com for further information.

Is your institution considering participation? Feel free to contact us and ask questions. Contact CRL or East View at info@eastview.com.

GPA/CRL Alliance

The Alliance

Through the proposed 3-year alliance, CRL and participating institutions will:

  • Facilitate creation of 3MM pages of Open Access content
  • Enable access to 1.5MM pages of in-copyright content for the entirety of CRL membership and non-CRL member subscribing institutions
  • Access content on a single federated platform, with content created to high quality digitization standards aligned to the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP)

In total, 4.5MM pages of global newspaper content will be produced, in nine releases.

The Deliverables

Deliverables include:

  • Standardized processing to NDNP standards
  • Source files delivered to CRL for long-term preservation
  • Metadata creation for inclusion in ICON
  • CRL release for unlimited TDM and Digital Humanities uses

Unified and robust platform with advanced features, including:

  • Multi-language UI and search optimizations, crowd-sourceable OCR text correction and tagging, visual and text-based “snippet” previews, fast retrieval and zooming
  • Exclusive discounts for other GPA releases beyond the Alliance collections
  • Exclusive discounts to individual institutions for bespoke conversion and hosting of collections (with ability to host on the same platform for interoperability)


The CRL Alliance will produce nine collections over three years:

  • Tremendous volume, overwhelmingly never-before digitized/searchable. Foundation for new digital humanities research and globalized view of world events.
  • Package principles: each has multiple titles (typically 25-100, broadly covering a region and a mix of official/opposition/popular press); a mix of vernacular and English where possible
  • East View and CRL will triage potential collections, rights
  • CRL will select for execution

CRL-Wide Access includes in-copyright content. Open Access content is comprised of out-of-copyright content.

Related Services

Digitization Services

Partner with East View to convert materials currently in hard-to-use or deteriorating physical formats into digital resources accessible from any authenticated location 24/7

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Document Delivery

East View offers specific title searches for rare and older items, as well as subject searches to locate books and articles on a specified topic

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