Imperial Russian Newspapers

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From the first newspapers established by Peter the Great to the fall of the Romanovs, the Imperial Russian Newspapers collection chronicles 189 years of Russian history. From Peter the Great’s founding of the Russian empire, through the empire’s expansion during Catherine the Great, the abolishment of serfdom by Alexander II, the tumultuous years of Nicholas II, and everything in between.

The Imperial Russian Newspapers collection comprises out-of-copyright newspapers spanning the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, up to the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. With no less than 500,000 pages, the collection’s core titles are from Moscow and St. Petersburg, complemented by regional newspapers across the vast Russian Empire.

The collection also includes two e-book editions (full-text searchable) of pertinent reference books: an in-depth bibliographic record of all known newspapers published in Imperial Russia (over 10 key bibliographies) and a unique collection of dozens of contemporaneous (mostly nineteenth century) reference works offering detailed subject bibliographies of the articles appearing in the specific newspapers of the Imperial Russian Newspapers collection.

The Imperial Russian Newspapers collection was facilitated by the outstanding bibliographic work done by librarians and scholars in major Russian libraries, primarily the National Library of Russia’s Newspaper Division, which is one of the largest newspaper libraries in the world.

The Imperial Russian Newspapers collection is part of East View’s Global Press Archive® (GPA) program and was made possible thanks to the active support of the National Library of Russia. Open Access to this collection is made possible through the generous support of the Center for Research Libraries and its member institutions.

Open Access

Current Titles

The Imperial Russian Newspapers collection currently includes 19 titles with nearly 26,000 issues and over 230,000 pages.  Current titles include:

  • Birzhevye vedomosti (Биржевые ведомости), Saint Petersburg, 1862
  • Den’ (День), Saint Petersburg, 1912-1918
  • Kommercheskaia gazeta (Коммерческая газета), Saint Petersburg, 1825-1860
  • Moskovskie vedomosti (Московские ведомости), Moscow, 1913-1916
  • Olonet︠s︡kie gubernskie vedomosti (Олонецкие губернские ведомости), Petrozavodsk, 1917
  • Orenburgskie gubernskie vedomosti (Оренбургские губернские ведомости), Samara, 1845-1846
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости), Saint Petersburg, 1793-1867
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Kazennye izvestii︠a︡. Chastnye izvestii︠a︡  (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Казенные известия. Частные известия), Saint Petersburg, 1831-1848
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Kazennye obʺi︠a︡vlenii︠a︡  (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Казенные объявления), Saint Petersburg, 1856-1858
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Obʺi︠a︡vlenii: Kazennye. Podri︠a︡dy (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Объявлении: Казенные. Подряды.), Saint Petersburg, 1785-1818
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Obʺi︠a︡vlenii o kupchikh (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Oбъявлении о купчих.), Saint Petersburg, 1785-1818
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Obʺi︠a︡vlenii o nereshennykh delakh (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Объявлении о нерешенных делах), Saint Petersburg, 1785-1798
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Obʺi︠a︡vlenii ot raznykh sudebnykh mest (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Объявлении oт разных судебных мест), Saint Petersburg, 1785-1787
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Obʺi︠a︡vlenii︠a︡ o kupchikh (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Объявления о купчих), Saint Petersburg, 1782
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Pribavlenie (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Прибавление), Saint Petersburg, 1782
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Reestr po sudnym delam (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Реестр по судным делам), Saint Petersburg, 1782
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Reestr uchinennyĭ gubernskoĭ kant︠s︡eli︠a︡rii (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Реестр учинeнный губернской канцелярии), Saint Petersburg, 1782
  • Sankt-Peterburgskie vedomosti. Uchenye izvestii︠a︡  (Санкт-Петербургские ведомости. Ученые известия), Saint Petersburg, 1818-1823
  • Zemledelʹcheskai︠a︡ gazeta (Земледельческая газета), Saint Petersburg, 1834-1916

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