El Mundo Digital Archive

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Founded in 1919, El Mundo (The World) was a respected, conservative newspaper from Puerto Rico and was widely considered a key source for news until it ceased in 1990. The paper strived to live up to its slogan “Verdad y Justicia” (Truth and Justice). Key topics covered by the newspaper include industrialization of Puerto Rican society, the Great Depression, territorial relations with the United States including citizenship and activities of independence movements such as the Macheteros and FALN, the rise of the Popular Democratic Party, the Ponce massacre, the Ley de la Mordaza (Gag Law) and more. El Mundo closed temporarily in 1986 following a labor strike. The newspaper never fully recovered from the debilitating strikes of the 1980s and ongoing union difficulties. It did reopen in January 1988, only to close again a short while later, ceasing publication permanently in 1990.

El Mundo

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1919-1990
  • Language: Spanish
  • City: San Juan
  • Country: Puerto Rico
  • Frequency: Daily
  • Format: PDF, page-based
  • Producer: East View Information Services
  • Platform: East View Global Press Archive

About the Archive

The El Mundo Digital Archive contains the most complete collection available for this title, with over 20,000 issues and over 675,000 pages since 1919. The archive features full page-level digitization, complete original graphics, and searchable text, and is cross-searchable with other Global Press Archive collections.

The El Mundo Digital Archive is a part of the East View Global Press Archive®, which is the result of a landmark initiative of Stanford Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives to digitally preserve and make more accessible thousands of original print newspaper publications collected by the Hoover Institution and now housed by Stanford Libraries.

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The first of these collections – Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers, Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers, Independent and Revolutionary Mexican Newspapers, Imperial Russian Newspapers, Southeast Asian Newspapers, South Asian Newspapers, and now El Mundo Digital Archive – are all Open Access collections and are the result of close collaboration between East View and CRL, with CRL advisors selecting and curating the content, and CRL members funding the collections to facilitate global Open Access.

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