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Ukraine Resources

Use this form to request free trial access to Ukraine resources and other related resources.

Free trials provide temporary access to the databases that East View produces or hosts. This allows librarians and their patrons to evaluate the content and platform. For academic libraries and large research organizations we are able to set up access via a domain-wide, automatically authenticated Internet Protocol (IP) address.

For individual researchers, we set up trial access only in special cases. Please help us work with your library.

Academic Trials

We welcome electronic resources librarians and subject specialists to arrange access for their libraries. In that way we are able to coordinate the technical aspects of the trial, arrange campus-wide trials and enable a full user experience.

Government, Law Firm and Corporate Trials

Depending on your organizational needs, we may arrange limited-access options including manual login. Please specify your situation in the “Comments” section when you are completing the registration form.

Individual Trials – Academic Affiliation

We encourage individuals who wish to explore our content and platforms to contact the electronic resources librarian or subject specialist at your library. We are better able to serve you through their systems. They are best able to arrange the trial for you and the library. When you register as an individual, we require you to provide contact information about the library or organization with which you are affiliated. For special consideration contact [email protected].


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