East View E-Book Title Lists
Cambridge Archive Editions Online 131
CHINA Title Lists Title Count
EB-PISHU: China Economy, Public Policy, Security Database 2,291
Apabi E-Books Database
Agricultural Science 14,341
Art 7,024
Astronomy and Earth Science 3,226
Aviation and Aerospace 330
Biological Science 2,670
Culture, Science, Education, Sport 64,961
Economics 49,041
Environmental and Conservation Science 1,977
History, Geography 16,281
Industrial Technology 49,562
Language, Linguistics 19,187
Literature 34,410
Marxism, Leninism, Maoist Philosophy and Deng Xiaoping Theory 2,218
Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry 7,610
Medicine, Health 19,512
Military Science 1,586
Natural Science 1,411
Philosophy and Religion 9,363
Politics, Law 22,930
Reference 2,571
Social Sciences 7,652
Transport 5,292
CNKI China Yearbooks Full-Text Database 2,378
RUSSIA Title Lists Title Count
East View’s E-book Database 4,451
East View’s Essential Russian Classics E-Books 6,358
UKRAINE Title Lists Title Count
East View’s E-book Database 93
UNITED STATES and UNITED KINGDOM (covering Slavica and Judaica) Title Lists Title Count
East View’s E-book Database 183
IRAN Title Lists Title Count
Universal Database of Iranian Strategic Studies 31
IN ARABIC Title Lists Title Count
Kotobarabia E-Library Database 3,775
Kotobarabia Modern Arab Renaissance Database 2,624
Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection 4,918