Minnesota Company Brings Pravda Digital Newspaper Archive to Russia, Welcomed in Russian Parliament

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA - February 3, 2011 - East View Information Services (www.eastview.com), a leading provider of high-quality information products and services in world languages and English translation, held a meeting with Boris Komotsky, Editor-in-Chief of Pravda, and the Communist Party Faction in the Russian State Duma, led by Gennady Zyuganov, to announce the electronic completion of the historical archives of Pravda, the most important paper of record throughout the duration of the Cold War.

As producer of the full electronic archive, East View Information Services chose to convert Pravda due to the historical significance of the newspaper. The most important events of the 20th century have been reported in Pravda. Now that 150,000 newspaper pages of the archive -- from 1912 to 2009 -- are accessible online in full-image, with available searchable text, it is accessible to libraries in Russia or in the United States, or anywhere in-between. The editors of Pravda are now able to access the digital archive as well.

"Previously, the Pravda historical archive was held by libraries in hard-to-maintain hardcopy or in microfilm, which can only serve a limited number of users," said Robert Lee, Director of East View's Online Publishing Department. "East View has indexed the data and loaded the full-image, text-searchable files onto our fully searchable Universal Database interface, allowing researchers to easily navigate and find the articles they need for their research and analysis."

Kent D. Lee, CEO of East View stated, "While it may seem ironic that the Pravda Digital Archive has been produced by an American company, East View maintains offices and operations in several parts of the world and our mission has always been to bring the Western market uncommon information from extraordinary places. My business partner, Dima Frangulov, and I started this company in 1989 - he was in Moscow and I was in New York. Our first aim was to bring previously classified Russian content to the West. Our ideals have since expanded to China and the Middle East. Pravda was the first of a family of digital archive projects, with more to come in 2011 and beyond."

Download a copy of the Communist Party of Russia's press release:
here or contact East View for a .pdf version.

There is also a video clip covering the event.

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