East View’s China Research Gateway Offers Transformative Access to Chinese Research

MINNEAPOLIS, USA. October 4, 2022 – East View, a leading provider of authoritative information products from around the world, is pleased to announce the newest frontier in the acquisition of Chinese resources: China Research Gateway. China Research Gateway (CRG) brings unprecedented access to institutions of higher learning across the United States and Canada.

China is of singular importance to North America in geopolitical and economic terms, and China is relevant to nearly every institution of higher learning, not only as a subject of scholarly inquiry but as the source of research of unparalleled scale and velocity in all academic disciplines. East View has engineered a strategic initiative, CRG, to equip North America with the full spectrum of research emerging from China. Featuring an unprecedented breadth of sources, including scholarly journals, monographs, statistical publications, government documents, newspapers, dissertations, conference proceedings, patents, and many more, CRG offers a centralized means for discovery and access to this rich trove of research, specifically tailored to serve the needs of North American scholars and institutions.

To support research across such a broad array of content, East View has created a CRG portal experience to give users a single, English-language landing page and contextual information for the program, as well as centralized browsing access to the full suite of content. Beyond the portal, East View has also developed specialized training and orientation resources to support wide usage among faculty, students, and researchers and across multiple disciplines, including training sessions, library guides, video tutorials, user guides, monthly newsletters, and user group meetings.

“East View designed CRG and its portal as a means to vastly improve the breadth and depth of Chinese publications in North American libraries, and also to simplify the largely fragmented acquisition process for Chinese e-resources,” said Kent D. Lee, President and CEO of East View. “As the largest collection of Chinese databases ever offered outside of China, the sheer depth and breadth of content available through CRG is truly unprecedented, including several databases that are being made available to the North American audience for the first time. CRG represents a major boon to the North American academic community, with increased access to STEM content, an abundance of English-language content, and robust analytical tools.”

For more information about CRG visit www.eastview.com/crg or contact [email protected].

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