East View Press to Publish English Edition of Renowned Chinese Archaeology Journal Wen wu

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MINNEAPOLIS, Minn., USA – October 7, 2013 – East View Press, the publishing division of East View Information Services and East View Geospatial, is pleased to announce it has signed an agreement with Cultural Relics Press in Beijing to publish an English edition of the prestigious Chinese archaeology journal Wen wu Cultural Relics.

Kent D. Lee, East View’s founder and CEO, says, “Wen wu is the most popular and well-respected Chinese-language academic journal on this subject and is the most widely subscribed to professional journal from China. East View has a long history of offering this title through our online databases and due to the high demand for this journal, we’re confident an English edition will be of great interest to the academic and research community in North America, Europe and elsewhere.”

Published since the 1950s, Wen wu has long been considered one of the premier journals on the topic of Chinese archaeology and cultural history. In China, it ranks at the top among all core journals on the subject of archaeology and has won the National Journal Award for three consecutive years. The journal is well known for its high-quality articles and reports, and for the plethora of exquisite photographs and hand drawn images that permeate each issue.

“You simply can’t begin to understand the world of Chinese antiquities and cultural relics without Wen wu,” says Lee. “These days, with sales of Chinese antiquities making headlines at Sotheby’s and the Terracotta Warriors touring museums around the world, the study of, and interest in, Chinese archaeology and cultural relics is no longer restricted to specialists with an advanced knowledge of the language. More and more people want to learn about China and its amazing history, and East View is excited to be able to make a key resource like Wen wu accessible to a much wider audience.”

Under the agreement, East View Press will translate each monthly issue of Wen wu in its entirety and then combine the issues to publish a quarterly English-language edition. The inaugural issue will be published in early 2014.

For more information about the forthcoming English edition of Wen wu Cultural Relics, contact info@eastviewpress.com.

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