East View Launches New Online Collection of Afghan Partisan Publications

For Immediate Release

Minneapolis, MN, USA. February 12, 2018—East View Information Services is pleased to announce the launch of a new online collection of serial titles from Afghanistan. The Afghan Serials Collection: Partisan Publications from the Wahdat Library features titles published during the early 1970s to the late 1990s – a critical period for the history of Afghanistan. The Afghan Serials Collection is a major contribution to the preservation of the history of this region and is comprised of the careful selection of more than 2,500 individual issues of 46 newspapers and journals published in Persian, Pushto, Arabic, Urdu, and English.

Documenting the breadth of Afghanistan’s political epochs, the Afghan Serials Collection covers the use of the press by many groups that sought to shape Afghanistan’s social and intellectual landscape during this turbulent time, including the Communist People’s Democratic Party (PDPA); exiled loyalists to the deposed Afghan monarchy; independent humanitarians and intellectuals seeking to better their country; anti-Soviet mujaheddin groups from a range of political movements; the Taliban; and minority political parties that have emerged following the post-2001 transition towards democracy.

“The Afghan Serials Collection showcases unique press materials from a key era that shaped not only Afghanistan and the Middle East, but the entire world,” said Kent Lee, President and CEO of East View. “Featuring content not assembled elsewhere, the collection is a chronicle of the rich and dynamic Afghan press and an essential resource for scholars and area experts.”

For more information about the Afghan Serials Collection or to request a trial, please contact your East View sales representative or email info@eastview.com.

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About the Wahdat Library
The Wahdat Library, founded by Afghan scholar and journalist Ahmad Shah Wahdat and collected over a nearly 30-year period, is the most comprehensive private collection of rare newspapers and journals from Afghanistan. The Wahdat Library represents a significant step forward in the preservation of Afghanistan’s press history and includes nearly 80 newspaper titles and nearly 350 journal titles.

The Wahdat Library is not a static endeavor, but an ongoing effort with East View to collect, digitize and make available the totality of Afghanistan’s critical press history. The Afghan Serials Collection is the first release from the Wahdat Library, with subsequent releases of additional titles to follow.

Contact info@eastview.com to receive updates on future releases for the Afghan Serials Collection.

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