“Access to Russian Archives” Database is Available to the Public

Minneapolis, MN, USA. November 15, 2006 —East View Information Services (www.eastview.com), a world leader in providing information from Russia, is proud to announce completion of a large scale project to provide 21st century public access to guidebooks of the Russian archives online.

The Russian archives database contains description of approximately 80,000 archival fonds (record groups) from more than 20 guidebooks on Russian federal archives and 40 regional archives published from 1987 to 2004.

Kent D. Lee, East View President and CEO, said, “This new resource allows students and scholars from anywhere in the world to identify important Russian archival holdings. Its content of social, political and military documents is important. Its previously inaccessible historic, economic, scientific, technology and literary information is methodically organized and easily available in digital formats.”

The database provides the most comprehensive access to the holdings of the Russian archival system ever available. East View took on the digitization tasks and provided XML structuring of the guidebooks to enable full text searching and browsing.

Researchers can now browse the content of the archives or use search tools to find information from throughout the collection of individual guidebooks. To make the search more useful, users can limit search results to fond title, annotation, reference and other fields individually and in combination. All electronic guidebooks and individual fonds have stable URLs for integration with online catalogs and web sites.

The Access to Russian Archives project was managed by the University of Kansas Libraries and Rosarkhiv of Russia with the participation of East View. The project was supported by the Title VI Program of the U.S. Department of Education for Technological Innovation and Cooperation for Foreign Information Access, authorized under Title VI (Sec.606) Part A of the Higher Education Act.

The official project description is at guides.rusarchives.ru/search/basic/BasicSearch.html

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