TV RAIN Research Database

Archive of Russia’s only independent television channel

As one of the top five most-cited television channels in Russia, TV RAIN (ТВ ДОЖДЬ) conducts investigations, airs interesting reports, hosts interviews, and gives a platform for real, lively debates unlike anything else seen on Russian TV channels. TV RAIN has managed to avoid censorship, providing a forum for those opposition leaders denied access to pro-government mass media, as well as offering independent views on current events in Russia and the world and covering sensitive political topics like Crimea, Donbass in East Ukraine, Islamic State and more. Besides the news, TV RAIN also covers music and movies, travel, social projects, lectures and round table discussions.


Key Stats

  • Archive: 2010-present
  • Language: Russian
  • Updates: Continuous
  • Producer: TV RAIN
  • Platform: TV RAIN

About TV RAIN Research Database

Through a partnership between TV RAIN and East View, institutions may access the TV RAIN archive of thousands of TV programs, reports and exclusive interviews through an institution-wide site license via IP-authentication.

Researchers can:

  • Browse through TV Rain videotaped programming back to 2010
  • Search the archive by Keyword and Date
  • Read program transcripts and summaries
  • View streaming live feeds of daily news

The TV RAIN Research Database includes:

  • Nearly 60,000 video programs
  • Over 65,000 news segments
  • Nearly 6,000 interviews
  • Approximately 400 investigative reports
  • Hundreds of photos

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