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Law scholars are asked to analyze, decode, and interpret complicated texts. Scholars of comparative or international law must be capable of doing these things in multiple languages, using original language documents. East View saw the opportunity to make one aspect of this work more accessible. By creating China Research Gateway (CRG), complete with an English-language portal, user guides, and enhanced support from a team based in North America, East View has simplified the research process for law scholars interested in Chinese law. Scholars can discover new resources on the portal home page and then browse these resources with greater ease. With CRG, law libraries can refer students interested in Chinese law to a single URL, which houses the greatest breadth of Chinese resources ever available in North America. CRG offers a new level of access to Chinese publications, including legal documents and government announcements. With these resources, a law scholar can develop a nuanced and accurate analysis of Chinese laws, without getting lost in difficult-to-discover materials.

Strengths in CRG

CRG has numerous resources geared to legal research. The foundation of this offering is China Academic Journals, which captures the top Chinese journals in the field of law. In addition, CRG offers the specialized database China Legal Knowledge, which compiles academic journal articles, cases, and laws and regulations. With its combination of content types, China Legal Knowledge is a good place for law scholars to begin their searches. For researchers with a trending research topic, China Conference Proceedings provides multiple proceedings on a single theme. These proceedings often deal with the multiple interpretations of a given law or the need to close a gap in the legal code. Finally, China Government Gazettes captures publications by governments at the county, city, provincial, and national levels. These publications cover a broad variety of topics relevant to law scholars, from major regulatory changes to discussions of investigations.

New Resources for Law Students

While some of the databases in CRG, like China Academic Journals, are already familiar to researchers, many databases present new territory. Among those that most North American libraries have rarely subscribed to before are China Legal Knowledge, China Government Gazettes, and China Patents.

CRG Coverage of Hot Topics in Law

China’s revamped Anti-Monopoly Law took effect on August 1, 2022. The revisions fight the consolidation of technology firms in China by preventing large companies from forcing smaller ones into exclusive contracts. Leading up to the revision, numerous large companies – foreign and domestic alike – had been penalized for forcing smaller technology start-ups into exclusive partnerships. CRG has over 91,000 journal articles about the Anti-Monopoly Law.

China’s household registration, or Hukou, system, which designates each citizen as a rural or urban resident, governs the movement of China’s populace and creates manifold inequalities. China Legal Knowledge is a database devoted to the world of legal publications in China and has over 4.2 million articles related to Hukou requirements, covering journal articles, laws and regulations, and cases. China Government Gazettes contains over 28,000 articles about the Hukou system published by local government gazettes. China Monographic Serials, which provides peer-reviewed research series each published as monographs, contains almost 12,500 titles on Hukou, spanning crime rates, reform efforts, and social integration.

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Specialty Law Databases

CLKD China Legal Knowledge
中国法律知识资源总库 / 中国法律数字图书馆
A comprehensive cross-database legal knowledge discovery service for resources on Chinese laws and regulations
Download: fact sheet

CGGD China Government Gazettes
Authoritative collection of political newspapers, bulletins, announcements and other official regulations, proclamations, and research
Download: fact sheet | title list

CAJ China Academic Journals
The most comprehensive full-text database of Chinese journals in the world, covering 99.9% of all academic journals published in China
Download: fact sheet | title list
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CPCD-CPFD China Conference Proceedings
The most comprehensive full-text database of proceedings from national conferences in China
Download: fact sheet | title list

CPCD-IFPD International Conference Proceedings
A comprehensive collection of international conference proceedings on a wide variety of topics
Download: fact sheet | title list

SCPD China Patents
The most complete and accurate patent database of images and texts, and the only database associated with technology research and technological output in China
Download: fact sheet

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