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Quality medical research in the 21st century must cross national, regional, and linguistic barriers. In the last few years, we have seen the importance of access to timely and global medical discoveries. Our health has depended on it. Despite the clear need for international medical publications, North American libraries still lag in their acquisition of STEM content from China. To close that gap, East View created China Research Gateway (CRG). CRG provides a transformative level of access to Chinese medical research. CRG contains an unprecedented range of Chinese medical publications, some of which have never been available to North American libraries before.

Strengths in CRG

Specific highlights in the CRG package include Chinese Hospitals Knowledgebase, Applied Medicine, the medicine series of China Academic Journals (series E), China Patents, and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). With Chinese Hospitals Knowledgebase, researchers can access rigorously cross-tagged medical research and make use of the database’s English-Chinese dictionary based on MeSH subject headings. With Applied Medicine, researchers can conduct searches by symptom or disease name and find articles that have been tagged with that term.

China Academic Journals is the cornerstone of academic publications and provides the most comprehensive spread of journals from China available anywhere. The medicine series contains leading journals across specialties. China Patents contains medical discoveries or inventions as soon as they are discovered, without the delay of journal publication. TCM rounds out CRG’s offering by incorporating academic findings related to and training materials for Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Transformative English-Language Resources for Medical Researchers

With CRG, users access a single portal page that contains English information on all databases in the CRG package, including English-language user guides, fact sheets, and title lists. In the CRG portal, the database pages clearly note what user interface languages are available. The majority of the databases in CRG have English user interfaces. Academic Reference, which has an English-language interface, searches English abstracts and indexing across journals, conference proceedings, dissertations, encyclopedia entries, and more. In addition, the database offers millions of English full-text articles for download. Finally, databases like China Hospitals Knowledgebase provide additional translation tools specific to the medical profession.

CRG Coverage of Hot Topics in Medicine

Biotechnology findings have the capacity to shape our future through genetic modification, storage of biological data, predictive diagnostics, and synthetic biological inventions. As China’s biotechnology industry develops at a breakneck pace, it is vital that researchers track Chinese research. For up-to-date breakthroughs in biotechnology from the private sector, researchers can make use of China Patents’ (SCPD) over 32 million Chinese patents and over 74 million international patents.

Much of the key research in nanomedicine is conducted in China, which surpassed the United States in nanotechnology-related patents in 2008. Researchers at China’s National Center for Nanoscience and Technology have over 4,200 publications in CRG, including over 800 journal articles, over 600 conference proceedings, and over 2,600 patents. In 2021 Professor Chen Chunying of the National Center for Nanoscience and Technology was awarded the Royal Society of Chemistry’s Environment Prize for her research on the nano-bio interface. A topic like nanomedicine requires that specialists have access to the full spectrum of research being conducted around the world.

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Specialty Medicine Databases

CHKD Chinese Hospitals Knowledgebase
中国医院知识总库 / 中国医院数字图书馆
A comprehensive database offering a centralized data discovery and retrieval experience across a broad range of Chinese and western resources related to medicine and hospitals
Download: fact sheet

LCZL Applied Medicine
A comprehensive clinical diagnosis and treatment knowledgebase
Download: fact sheet

TCMD TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)
A comprehensive knowledge service platform designed specifically for traditional Chinese medicine teaching, research, and practitioners
Download: fact sheet

CAJ China Academic Journals
The most comprehensive full-text database of Chinese journals in the world, covering 99.9% of all academic journals published in China
Download: fact sheet | title list
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CDMD-CDFD China Doctoral Dissertations
The most comprehensive database of dissertations from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list

CPCD-CPFD China Conference Proceedings
The most comprehensive full-text database of proceedings from national conferences in China
Download: fact sheet | title list

CPCD-IFPD International Conference Proceedings
A comprehensive collection of international conference proceedings on a wide variety of topics
Download: fact sheet | title list

SCPD China Patents
The most complete and accurate patent database of images and texts, and the only database associated with technology research and technological output in China
Download: fact sheet

AR Academic Reference
A one-stop search and discovery platform of China’s academic development, current research hotspots, and social culture for overseas colleges, universities, research institutions, and enterprises
Download: fact sheet | title list

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