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Past Issues

Two Years of North American Research Using Chinese e-Resources (January 2023)

Over the past two decades of working with Chinese publishers, East View saw that Chinese content in science, technology, business, medicine, and other disciplines was largely out of reach for North American researchers. In 2021, East View launched China Research Gateway to make the acquisition of Chinese e-resources simpler and more affordable for North American institutions. As of 2023, East View has collected enough usage statistics to begin analyzing the impact of the CRG program. Read more about North American and Chinese Research and Development trends in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

A Comparative Approach to Children’s Well-being (December 2022)

After the past few years, we need to do all that we can for the young people in our communities. Remote learning and an uncertain future have impacted the social, physical, emotional, and academic skills of children. The impacts of the pandemic on children’s health are as broad as they are deep, from a rise in musculoskeletal issues in children whose classes have been moved online to a worsened achievement gap based on socioeconomic background. Read more about children’s health in China and elsewhere in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Chinese Authors at the Forefront of Literary Criticism (November 2022)

There should be no doubt as to the importance of Chinese writers, and literary scholars should have a complete picture of these authors and what they have to say about imagination, memory, identity, and history. Read more about Chinese contributions to literature and access to this vital material in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

The 20th Party Congress (October 2022)

In mid-October, 2,296 delegates convened in Beijing for the 20th Communist Party Congress. Communist Party congresses meet twice per decade and determine the strategic direction and power players for the following five years. Read more about the 20th Party Congress in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Utilizing Chinese Research on Asteroids (September 2022)

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) this month made history when it successfully hit and redirected the asteroid Dimorphos. The demonstration represented tremendous progress in planetary defense through the redirection of a near-Earth asteroid (NEA). An inherently global field, planetary defense has been challenged and complicated by relationships between nations and space agencies. Spurred on by international competition and cooperation, planetary defense experts must conduct research across national and linguistic barriers to advance the field. Read more about how scholars can utilize Chinese research on asteroids in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Monitoring Developments in China’s Business Environment (August 2022)

Business scholars have been watching China closely for three decades as its economy has transformed time and time again. From the establishment of special economic zones to new anti-dumping measures, all participants in the global economy are impacted by China’s decisions. In the past decade, China has implemented sweeping economic changes that have proved relevant to every corner of academic research. Read more about business developments in China in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Exploring Nanomedicine Research from China (July 2022)

Much of the key research in nanomedicine is conducted in China, which surpassed the United States in nanotechnology-related patents in 2008. While a greater number of US-granted patents focus on semiconductors and electrical machinery, a greater number of China-granted patents focus on macromolecular chemistry and basic materials chemistry, areas of particular interest to nanomedicine researchers. Read more about China’s approach to flood control in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Following Flood Control Efforts in China (June 2022)

Engineers, policy makers, and people in every region of the world will be better prepared for the 21st century if they understand flood dynamics. Many of the world’s most important experiments and lessons in flood control have come from China. In 2020 China experienced more than 20 major floods and in 2021 flooding in Henan Province in China made international news as over 14.5 million people were impacted. Read more about China’s approach to flood control in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Rural-Urban Migration in China (May 2022)

As high-rises have sprung up across Chinese skylines and young people have left the countryside for economic opportunities in major cities, inequality across China’s urban and rural residents has been laid bare. China’s household registration, or Hukou, system, which designates each citizen as a rural or urban resident, governs the movement of China’s populace and is at the heart of these inequalities. Read more about China’s rural-urban migration in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Biotechnology Breakthroughs in China (April 2022)

Biotechnology discoveries have the capacity to shape human life from facial recognition to synthetic biology. In 2020 the NATO Science & Technology Organization identified biotechnology as a key disruptive technology because biotechnology advancements could facilitate genetic modification and could yield the discovery of new drugs. In 2019 McKinsey partner Franck Le Deu described China’s biopharmaceuticals industry as a “Cambrian explosion.” Read more about China’s biotechnology breakthroughs in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Gender Equity in China (March 2022)

In July 2020 the 4th Survey on the Status of Chinese Women commenced. While past surveys have marked improvement in areas of women’s health and education, they have also shown that the gender wage gap in China has widened and women’s labor force participation has declined since China’s market reforms in 1978. Read more about gender equity in China in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Chinese Investment in Africa (February 2022)

In 2009 China surpassed the US to become Africa’s largest trading partner and in 2014 China exceeded US foreign direct investment (FDI) in Africa. According to a 2021 report by the China-Africa Business Council, while around 25 percent of China’s investments in Africa go toward mining and extractive industries, Chinese investors are also heavily involved in digital technologies in Africa, including smartphones. Read more about Chinese investment in Africa in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

Rapid Developments in AI Research (January 2022)

Since 2017, Chinese research into AI has expanded exponentially. In June 2021 alone, researchers published almost 200 patents, journal articles, dissertations, and theses about AI. Read more about Chinese research into AI in this month’s newsletter. Download PDF

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