Resources for Business Scholars

Business scholars have been watching China closely for three decades. From special economic zones to anti-dumping measures, China Research Gateway covers publications across the full range of business interests in China. Crucial to CRG’s business offering is its timeliness of publication. Chinese resources trickle into North American libraries through other sources, but these resources are delayed by lengthy translation processes. Through CRG, business scholars can access newly published journals, newspapers, patents, and government announcements without delay. CRG offers new tools to make these resources English-language accessible: an English portal, English user guides, and video trainings on how to leverage machine translation to full effect.

Strengths in CRG

CRG provides Chinese resources of numerous content types to business scholars in North America. These resources include statistics in multiple formats and from multiple sources, patents in great detail and with advanced cross-tagging, and economic journals at the forefront of Chinese economics. For statistics, CRG offers China Yearbooks and China Statistical Yearbooks. China Yearbooks presents statistical surveys in their entirety as searchable volumes, while China Statistical Yearbooks presents statistics in a data analysis-friendly format, with tools to generate custom datasets and conduct analysis. Together these resources provide powerful tools for analysis of macroeconomic trends, fine-grained import and export analysis, and predictive modeling.

New Resources for Business Researchers

Business scholars stand to benefit from access to CRG’s China Patents. Available for the first time in North America through CRG, China Patents contains rich information on research in private industry: companies and organizations that have applied for patents, those companies’ addresses and inventors, and the patent designs themselves. In a given year, Chinese inventors apply for around 3 million patents, all captured in CRG’s China Patents database.

CRG Coverage of Hot Topics in Business

Far into the future, economic competition between the US and China will be on the minds of business scholars, particularly in the technology and finance industries, where competition is toughest. CRG contains answers to key questions about competition. For example, CRG has around 100 articles on China’s response to the United States Innovation and Competition Act of 2021, including journal articles, theses, and monographic serials. CRG also has over 340 articles on China’s Anti-Foreign Sanctions Law from 2021 that was enacted to counter sanctions from the US and its allies.

Due to a worsening global environment, including the war in Ukraine, China’s GDP growth was projected to slow to between 4 and 5% in 2022. CRG contains millions of statistics relevant to accurate GDP calculations, like measures of imports, exports, and spending, as well as granular GDP figures from the national level down to the local level. In addition, CRG contains over 3 million articles on China’s GDP, including growth projections and contributing factors and explanations behind these projections.

There are countless examples of how CRG’s resources are crucial to new issues in China’s business environment. For example, China’s revamped Antimonopoly Law took effect on August 1, 2022. CRG has over 90,000 articles about the law. In September 2021, China formed the Beijing Stock Exchange out of the pre-existing National Equities Exchange and Quotations exchange to promote financial investment to small- and mid-sized firms. CRG has over 260,000 articles about the new stock exchange. In May 2015, China launched the Made in China 2025 strategic plan. CRG has over 146,000 articles on the plan.

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Specialty Business Databases

CAJ China Academic Journals
The most comprehensive full-text database of Chinese journals in the world, covering 99.9% of all academic journals published in China
Download: fact sheet | title list
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CYFD China Yearbooks
A comprehensive collection of authoritative Chinese yearbooks, including national, regional, industrial, and more
Download: fact sheet | title list

CDMD-CDFD China Doctoral Dissertations
The most comprehensive database of dissertations from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list

CDMD-CMFD China Master’s Theses
The most comprehensive database of theses from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list

CSYD China Statistical Yearbooks
The leading database of authoritative statistical data in China covering all aspects of China’s technical, economic, industrial, environmental, and social development
Download: fact sheet | title list

SCPD China Patents
The most complete and accurate patent database of images and texts, and the only database associated with technology research and technological output in China
Download: fact sheet

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