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China Research Gateway (CRG) should be considered a cornerstone of library collections in humanities. CRG contains the full span of China’s publications and academic output and contains key cultural artifacts (modern and historical) in the form of images, articles, monographic serials, and magazines. From comparative literature to art history, CRG centralizes what China has to offer the overseas market. Organized in one convenient portal, CRG offers a landing page for researchers so that they can explore new content types and familiarize themselves with new databases.

Strengths in CRG

CRG provides a greater breadth and depth of Chinese resources for North American humanities researchers than they have ever had access to before. In the arts, CRG offers China Art Digital Library, a treasure trove of museum catalogues and high-quality art images, which are available for PDF download. In literature, CRG contains China Monographic Serials, which includes thematic literary analysis across a huge variety of topics, from fandoms to Classical Chinese poetry. CRG also includes key cornerstone databases for Chinese humanities research: humanities series of China Academic Journals and China Doctoral Dissertations.

New Resources for Humanities Researchers

Humanities researchers have long engaged with and acknowledged the importance of Chinese publications and libraries have steadily acquired Chinese content. However, with CRG, libraries have the opportunity to make a simple acquisition to expand their offerings in visual culture, popular media, and literature reviews. For example, in visual culture, China Art Digital Library presents a wide array of images, art catalogues, and exhibition collections.

CRG Coverage of Hot Topics in Humanities

In November 2020, the Ministry of Education issued a Declaration on the Construction of New Liberal Arts. The intention for New Liberal Arts (新文科) is to expand China’s soft power through carefully constructed teaching of philosophy and social sciences. There are over 8,500 publications in CRG’s databases on New Liberal Arts, almost all of which have been published since 2019. For scholars of China’s soft power, historiography, and cultural identity, it is essential that researchers directly access Chinese publications in a timely and comprehensive way. Researchers cannot wait for works to be imported, translated, and distributed on pre-existing North American platforms. They need a solution like CRG.

There are over 53,000 articles on involution (內卷) in CRG’s databases. These include articles in the disciplines of journalism, sociology, and agriculture. While the term involution has its roots in agriculture, scholars have creatively applied it to societies, especially China’s, to describe that the increase in labor has not led to an increase in output and innovation. In May 2021, The New Yorker published “China’s ‘Involuted’ Generation,” describing how the combination of China’s competition and its political forces have created a unique form of entrapment.

In CRG’s databases, there are over 23,000 journal articles on the term National Learning (国学), a buzzword in Chinese culture studies with numerous spinoffs. For example, a May 2022 article in Academic Research addresses the rise of both the term National Learning as well as the even more politicized term National Essence (国粹). Together these concepts present an interesting area of study for humanities researchers of identity, culture, and political groups.

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Specialty Humanities Databases

CAJ China Academic Journals
The most comprehensive full-text database of Chinese journals in the world, covering 99.9% of all academic journals published in China
Download: fact sheet | title list
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CMSD China Monographic Serials
The only monographic serials full-text database in China, presenting a collection of irregularly published literature from China
Download: fact sheet | title list

CYFD China Yearbooks
A comprehensive collection of authoritative Chinese yearbooks, including national, regional, industrial, and more
Download: fact sheet | title list

CDMD-CDFD China Doctoral Dissertations
The most comprehensive database of dissertations from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list

CDMD-CMFD China Master’s Theses
The most comprehensive database of theses from top Chinese universities and research institutes
Download: fact sheet | title list

CRWO China Reference Works
An indispensable reference collection of general and specialized dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, atlases and more
Download: fact sheet | title list

CCND China Core Newspapers
Daily content from hundreds of Chinese newspapers
Download: fact sheet | title list

CADT China Art Digital Library
A comprehensive collection of Chinese fine art images
Download: fact sheet | title list

CFJD Chinese Primary Education Journals
The largest full-text database of primary education periodicals in China
Download: fact sheet | title list

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