East View Partners with Stanford University Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives to Make Available Rare Newspapers from Around the World

For Immediate Release

Minneapolis, MN, USA. November 2, 2016—East View is excited to announce a long-term relationship with Stanford University Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives to make rare newspapers from around the world available for research. East View will work with faculty and collection development specialists in numerous subject areas to improve discoverability and access to over 2,500 predominantly foreign-language titles dating as far back as the nineteenth century that are part of the collections at Stanford Libraries and the Hoover Institution Library & Archives.

Opening a treasure trove for researchers, this joint initiative will digitally preserve and make searchable potentially 25 million pages of newspaper content originally collected by Hoover curators and later cataloged, organized, and stored at an offsite facility by Stanford University Libraries.

"These newspapers represent decades of efforts by Hoover curators to collect and preserve material on war, revolution, and peace in accord with our mission to study the past so we can understand the why of human action," said Eric Wakin, Robert H. Malott Director of the Hoover Library & Archives. "It will be a wonderful achievement to have them accessible digitally to future generations of students and scholars."

East View will work with publishers and copyright holders to expand accessibility of the collection to the broader research community, prioritizing the most rare newspapers held in the collections. While East View estimates that the digitization initiative will take approximately ten years to complete, researchers will be able to access an initial cache of prioritized materials within one year, with newly digitized material becoming available on an ongoing basis.

"This is as much a digital preservation initiative, as it is one of accessibility," said Michael Keller, University Librarian at Stanford. "Bringing this collection online will expose and retain the historical record of innumerable events of wide and local significance, while allowing for deeper exploration, comparison from various points of view on events, and thus the formation of new questions to investigate."

East View is pleased to appoint Bryan Benilous, Director, Newspaper Products Division, to support this initiative. "I am elated to work with East View, Stanford University Libraries, and the Hoover Library & Archives to support the digitization of this content. Our efforts will ensure the newspapers are preserved for future generations and enhanced metadata will expand access to this vital research content. We will use best practices for newspaper digitization and innovate new approaches to improve discoverability."

For further information on this initiative contact Bryan Benilous (bryan.benilous@eastview.com)

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