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Global Press Archive®

Global Press Archive (GPA) is a program initiated by East View Information Services that indexes, digitizes, and consolidates global newspapers regardless of language or origin to create the most comprehensive collection of digital news sources.

  • Foreign Newspaper Archive
  • 30+ Million Pages
  • 125 Countries and 30+ Languages
  • Copyright-secured
  • From 1872 to Present

Digital Humanities

For nearly thirty years, East View has been unlocking foreign newspaper content.

The GPA program incorporates Preservation through Digitization and Discovery through online Access, with global newspapers presented as searchable online archives, covering a diverse range of languages and countries.

GPA launched with an aggregation of titles already available from East View, with hundreds more to come, representing a leap forward for Digital Humanities research. Many will be available as comprehensive archives for the first time and the effort will collectively present immense new value for scholarly research.

In creating GPA, East View is committed to ensuring that these valuable resources are preserved for future generations of scholars, and to providing users with the best possible research tools.

A Resource for Area Studies Programs

GPA is truly a global program and will quickly expand to deliver historical news coverage from over 125 countries. Single titles are aggregated into a wide range of academic area studies programs, including:

Individual Titles

Core Global Press Archive Titles Additional Newspaper Titles Offered By East View

Digitize Your Collections

East View offers end-to-end digitization services, regardless of delivery model. East View has digitized numerous custom collections for institutions, providing the following services:

  • Development of Open Access or Hybrid Open Access products
  • Rights diligence/Publisher relations
  • Project management
  • Digitization
  • Archival preservation
  • Platform hosting
  • Managed access