Apabi Newspapers Database

Daily access to over 400 newspapers from China

Produced by Beijing’s Founder Apabi, a leader in digital publishing technology, the Apabi Newspapers Database offers the complete content of over 400 newspapers from all provinces of the People’s Republic of China. The Apabi Newspapers Database is the result of an unprecedented mass collaboration between Apabi and hundreds of major Chinese newspaper publishers. Newspapers in the database are presented in full image/full text, are cross-searchable and available daily on a best-in-class platform. Coverage of some titles in the database date back to the very first issue, as early as 1949.

Apabi Newspapers Database

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1949-present
  • Language: Chinese
  • Number of Titles: 436
  • Updates: Continuous daily
  • Format: Full image and full text
  • Producer: Beijing Founder Apabi Technology, Ltd.
  • Platform: Apabi

About Apabi Newspapers Database

The Apabi Newspaper Database is an unparalleled resource, covering more than 80% of newspapers published in China. The database includes decades-deep archival collections of key newspapers, some critical titles even going back to first issues. Users can read online in the newspaper’s original format, download content or produce page prints. Advanced searching functionality supports multiple fields and conditions, and articles are categorized and navigable using Chinese national standard classifications for news content.

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