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Near and Middle East Collection

Cambridge Archive Editions Online is the first-ever digital presentation of the exceptionally well-known and respected series of British archival reprints.

Cambridge Archive Editions (CAE) identifies, selects, arranges, and describes a wide range of the most important documents from the British Government records to create a true survey of an historical period, political movement, or a country’s development.

In the Near and Middle East Collection, CAE utilizes Britain’s rich history with Middle Eastern countries via its East India Company trade routes up through the Persian Gulf. The British archives have particularly deep veins of material on boundary formation, tribal relations, state development and political relations.

Highlighted Titles

NEW! Iran Political Developments. The Return of the Shah, 1954-1956

This 7-volume set presents a collection of documents from many British Government files. The set opens with the Shah newly restored to the throne, and closes in the aftermath of his attempted assassination by a member of his Imperial Guard. Edited to provide a chronological development of themes and a description of each document. This period of 1954-1956 is characterized by Iran’s robust responses to the major internal and external issues and crises which had beset the country in the immediate preceding years, in particular the repositioning of the oil industry as a state-sponsored entity which led to a dramatically improved economy, empowering Iran, especially in the context of relations with Britain, as well as western Europe and, to a lesser extent, the USA. (download brochure)

Records of the Kurds: Territory, Revolt and Nationalism, 1831–1979

This thirteen-volume set includes nine thousand pages of facsimile documents and more than twenty maps on the recent history of the Kurdish people, tracing early insurgencies, inter-relations with neighboring tribes and other ethnic groups, while examining the territories pertaining to the Kurdish homeland. All relevant documents which could be sourced from the records of the Government of India at the British Library, Foreign Office, War Office, India Office, Colonial Office and Cabinet at the National Archives relating to the themes of territory and the struggle for it, for the period have been traced and included. (download brochure)

Near and Middle East

Near and Middle East Collection Title List

  • Afghanistan Strategic Intelligence Records 1919–1970
  • The Arab Bulletin 1916–1919: Bulletin of the Arab Bureau in Cairo
  • Arab Dissident Movements 1905–1955
  • Arab Gulf Cities
  • The Arab League 1943–1963: British Documentary Sources
  • Arabian Boundaries: Primary Documents 1853–1960
  • Arabian Boundaries New Documents 1961–1965
  • Arabian Boundaries New Documents 1966–1975
  • Arabian Boundary Disputes: Historical, Political and Legal Dossier
  • Arabian Treaties 1600–1960
  • The ARAMCO Reports on Al-Hasa and Oman 1950–1955
  • Bahrain Government Annual Reports 1924–1970
  • British Extra-Territorial Jurisdiction in the Gulf 1913–1971
  • The Buraimi Dispute 1950–1961: Contemporary Documents
  • The Buraimi Memorials 1955
  • Diplomacy in the Near and Middle East 1535–1956
  • Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: Iran in the Persian Gulf 1820–1966
  • Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: The Iraq-Kuwait Dispute 1830–1994
  • Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: The Lower Gulf Islands: Abu Musa and the Tunbs Dispute
  • Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: The Red Sea Region: Sovereignty, Boundaries and Conflict 1839–1967
  • Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: South-West Arabia: Saudi-Yemen Dispute
  • Documentary Studies in Arabian Geopolitics: The UAE: Internal Boundaries and the Boundary with Oman
  • The Expansion of Wahhabi Power in Arabia 1798–1932: British Documentary Records
  • Foreign Office Annual Reports From Arabia 1930–1960
  • Gazetteer of Arabian Tribes
  • Gazetteer of the Persian Gulf, Oman and Central Arabia
  • The GCC States: National Development Records: Civil Aviation 1920–1962
  • The GCC States: National Development Records: Communications and Transport 1860–1960
  • The GCC States: National Development Records: Defence in the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia 1920–1960
  • Historic Maps of Bahrain 1817–1970
  • History of the Indian Navy 1613–1863
  • Iran Political Developments 1941–1946: Iran Under Allied Occupation: British Documentary Sources
  • Iran Political Diaries 1881–1965
  • The Iran-Iraq Border 1840–1958
  • Iraq Administration Reports 1914–1932
  • Iraq Defence Intelligence 1920–1973
  • Islam: Political Impact 1908–1972 (British Documentary Sources)
  • Islamic Movements in the Arab World 1913–1966
  • Islands and Maritime Boundaries of the Gulf 1798–1960
  • Israel: Boundary Disputes with Arab Neighbours 1946–1964
  • Israel: Political and Economic Reports 1948–1953
  • Israel: Political and Economic Reports 1954–1955
  • King Abdul Aziz: Diplomacy and Statecraft 1902–1953
  • King Abdul Aziz: Political Correspondence 1904–1953
  • Kuwait Political Agency: Arabic Documents 1899–1949
  • La Nation Arabe 1930–1938
  • Land Legislation in Mandate Palestine
  • Memoirs of Baghdad, Kurdistan and Turkish Arabia 1857
  • The Middle East Intelligence Handbooks 1943–1946
  • Military Handbooks of Arabia 1913–1917
  • Minorities in the Middle East: Christian Minorities 1838–1967
  • Minorities in the Middle East: Druze Communities 1840–1974
  • Minorities in the Middle East: Jewish Communities in Arab Countries 1841–1974
  • Minorities in the Middle East: Kurdish Communities 1918–1974
  • Minorities in the Middle East: Muslim Minorities in Arab Countries 1843–1973
  • Minorities in the Middle East: Religious Communities in Jerusalem 1843–1974
  • Neglected Arabia / Arabia Calling 1892–1962
  • Oil Concessions in Five Arab States 1911–1953
  • OPEC: Origins and Strategy 1947–1973
  • Palestine and Transjordan Administration Reports 1918–1948
  • Palestine Boundaries 1833–1947
  • Persian Gulf Administration Reports 1873–1957
  • Persian Gulf and Red Sea Naval Reports 1820–1960
  • The Persian Gulf Gazette and Supplements 1953–1972
  • The Persian Gulf Historical Summaries 1907–1953
  • The Persian Gulf Pilot 1864–1932
  • The Persian Gulf Précis
  • The Persian Gulf Trade Reports 1905–1940
  • Political Diaries of the Arab World: Aden 1899–1967
  • Political Diaries of the Arab World: Iraq 1920–1965
  • Political Diaries of the Arab World: Palestine and Jordan 1920–1965
  • Political Diaries of the Arab World: Persian Gulf 1904–1965
  • Political Diaries of the Arab World: Saudi Arabia 1919–1965
  • Records of Bahrain 1820–1960
  • Records of Bahrain 1961–1965
  • Records of Bahrain 1966–1971
  • Records of Dubai 1761–1960
  • Records of the Emirates 1820–1960
  • Records of the Emirates 1961–1965
  • Records of the Emirates 1966–1971
  • Records of the Hajj: the Pilgrimage to Mecca
  • Records of the Hashemite Dynasties
  • Records of the Hijaz 1798–1925
  • Records of Iraq 1914–1966
  • Records of Jerusalem 1917–1971
  • Records of Jordan 1919–1965
  • Records of the Kurds: Territory, Revolt and Nationalism, 1831–1979
  • Records of Kuwait 1899–1961
  • Records of Kuwait 1961–1965
  • Records of Kuwait 1966–1971
  • Records of Oman 1867–1960
  • Records of Oman 1961–1965
  • Records of Oman 1966–1971
  • Records of the Persian Gulf Pearl Fisheries 1857–1962
  • Records of Qatar 1820–1960
  • Records of Qatar 1961–1965
  • Records of Qatar 1966–1971
  • Records of Saudi Arabia 1902–1960
  • Records of Saudi Arabia 1961–1965
  • Records of Saudi Arabia 1966–1971
  • Records of Syria 1918–1973
  • Records of Yemen 1798–1960
  • Ruling Families of Arabia: Documentary Records of the Dynasties of Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE and Oman
  • Saudi Arabia: Secret Intelligence Records 1926–1939
  • Saudi Green Book 1934
  • The Slave Trade into Arabia 1820–1973
  • Survey of the Shores and Islands of the Persian Gulf 1820–1829
  • Survey of Western Palestine 1882–1888
  • Treaties and Engagements Relating to Arabia and the Persian Gulf
  • Turkey and her Arab Neighbours 1953–1958
  • US Presidential Papers Concerning Saudi Arabia 1941–1962
  • US Records on Saudi Affairs 1945–1959
  • Water Resources in the Arabian Peninsula 1921–1960
  • Zionist Movement and the Foundation of Israel 1839–1972

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