Apabi E-Books Database

Among the world’s largest and best-developed e-book libraries

In conjunction with nearly 500 publishing houses, the Apabi E-Books Database is an impressive library of nearly 800,000 full-image/full-text e-books. Produced by Beijing’s Founder Apabi, a leader in digital publishing technology and the premier source for e-books from China, the Apabi E-Books Database encompasses all genres. Though emphasis is on recently published works, holdings begin from 1949.

The Apabi E-Books Database is a fully robust e-book platform that puts your library in control of usage policies. Titles can be browsed online by a number of simultaneous users, or checked out for download and offline use. The Apabi E-Books Database is customizable—e-books are available individually or in sets for purchase or subscription. Take only the titles you need, and enjoy cross-searchability on a stable, best-in-class e-book platform.

Apabi E-Books Database

Key Stats

  • Archive: 1949-present
  • Language: Chinese
  • Number of Titles: nearly 800,000; 70% published after 2004
  • Updates: Continuous; approx. 100,000 new titles available annually
  • Format: Full image and full text
  • Producer: Beijing Founder Apabi Technology, Ltd.
  • Platform: Apabi

About Apabi E-Books Database

The Apabi E-Books Database is organized by subject categories. See below for corresponding title lists:

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