Africa Development Data Explorer (ADDaX)

The fastest and most accurate resource for reference data from Africa is now available, collated from multiple sources to provide researchers with an unparalleled reference source of all 54 African economies. Documents are standardized into the database’s easy-to-use format, and where necessary, translated.

The process and production team of ADDaX maintains close relationships with software and data partners to ensure that its reference data is the most up to date.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Reveal valuable insights into politics and development questions with the only resource that collects data from local and regional African sources as well as international sources
    • International, intergovernmental, multilateral and supranational
    • African regional and African local
    • Trade organisations, government departments, agencies & NGOs
    • African central banks, African Country Ministries of Finance, & National Office of Statistics
  • Leveraged accredited data, reported as published by the source, from as far back as records allow
  • Much of the data is only available in ADDaX, manually keyed and quality controlled
  • Sophisticated charting functionality
    • Exportable data and graphic reporting tools
    • Automated comparison tools and charts
  • Updated daily as per sources, with more than 26 million records to date
  • Dedicated support

Three powerful and intuitive search features of ADDaX deliver results and data, fast!

  • COUNTRY PROFILES - 50,000+ Indicators

  • DATA HUB - 26.5+ Million Records

  • SECTOR FOCUS - 54 African Countries

  • For a trial or more information, contact East View at