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East and Southeast Asia Collection

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Cambridge Archive Editions Online is the first-ever digital presentation of the exceptionally well-known and respected series of British archival reprints.

Cambridge Archive Editions (CAE) identifies, selects, arranges, and describes a wide range of the most important documents from the British Government records to create a true survey of an historical period, political movement, or a country’s development.

The East and Southeast Asia Collection covers the geographic areas of Japan, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Taiwan and, under the title Straits Settlements, Penang, Singapore, Malacca and Labuan. These titles deliver insight with historic political and economic reports and a sound basis for research of East and South-East Asia.

East and Southeast Asia

East and Southeast Asia Collection Title List

Highlighted Title:
Vietnam Under French Rule 1919–1946: The Nationalist Challenge and the Japanese Threat (4 vols.) (download flyer)

  • China Political Reports 1911–1960 (11 vols.)
  • China Political Reports 1961–1970 (3 vols.)
  • Hong Kong: Annual Administration Reports 1841–1941 (6 vols.)
  • Japan: Political and Economic Reports 1906–1970 (14 vols.)
  • Korea: Political and Economic Reports 1882–1970 (14 vols.)
  • Shanghai: Political and Economic Reports 1842–1943 (18 vols.)
  • Straits Settlements: Annual Reports 1855–1941 (12 vols.)
  • Taiwan Political and Economic Reports 1861–1960 (10 vols.)

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